Women’s Day – a challenge to change

Women's Day challenge to change
Women's Day challenge to change

Women’s Day challenge to change

Women’s Day is upcoming in 8th of March. Everybody is celebrating the women’s power and their feet into the world.

Women’s Day is now a celebration. Everybody in India and the world is celebrating Women’s Day with their full joy.

Let’s talk about India and their women condition.

According to the survey what challenges women are facing in India. Tenses are coming through that particular study and their problems.

No professional choice

It was the most common answer given by all the women of India.

Women’s of India told that Women’s Day is good, but we have to work on the professional choice independence in India.

They told that women don’t have the choice to choose their own lovely Professional. For example, if I am coming from Maharashtra then that women don’t have an opportunity to join Indian Air Force.

She is coming from Uttar Pradesh of India. She doesn’t have any choice to choose as a doctor or engineer profession.

Still, if any girl is coming from the metro cities of India, then she doesn’t have any choice to choose their desired profession for the long life.

At most of the time, security features and the professional exam is the most critical barrier for them.

Another the pin of women of India was, she is not getting the equal salary in compared to the men.

Women's Day professional
Women’s Day professional

Not getting as compare salary

Then we had gone across India, and then we found it the most of the women of India is trying to tell that they are not getting as compare salary as men are getting.

But the truth was all over the world this scenario is happening. Celebrating Women’s Day but they don’t compare and justify the number of salary women vs. men.

As per the data of US government, Women are getting less salary in comparison to other men.

Most of the Brazilian girls are not getting sufficient amount of living would the money to survive in their routine life.

Russian girls, they told that men are getting more salary and Russian girls are getting only 30%.

The same thing is happening in Australia, and Australian girls told that they are getting only 70% of the amount in compared to men.

It means this is not only the problem of women of India. It is a problem across the globe.

All the world is celebrating this fantabulous celebration of Women’s Day. But they have to change the parameters and scenario to work better and give some best environment to the girls and women.

It is not the first Women’s Day, but definitely, it can be your first move the celebration of Women’s Day in this 2018.

Let’s try and promise in future time if you are a businessman or boss do not compare or this compares Men versus women according to the salary parameter.

If you are a girl, then please raise your voice and tell them I am a girl but I will not go to negotiate my salary in comparison to others.

If you are ready to survive then, nobody can harm you. Stay Beautiful and stay strong.

Happy Women’s Day!

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