Why Jobs & Zuckerberg Visited India

When Steve Jobs & Zukerberg Visited India

I’m a fairly here then other account to take you to a place where a lot of tech Titans from Silicon Valley goes for inspiration the first we’ve got to catch the bus whenever I’m traveling short distances in India I always take local buses you get more of a local feeling you have more interaction with people around you on these buses.

IBM is you have to read handy if you want to be able to take them or else can be a bit higher because the sign on usually in English sometimes they ask item you can always just stopped the bus and just ask them where they’re going and people are going to help you catch the bus really there are no you can speak in diary Tandy is dog really is not heavy of me standing here.

I can hear the bus from a mile away.

You see the sign on the right side and a sign of how the rate base is.

The name is out of the second where there the local and the local bus and you won’t find many far it is on the station because you know.

It’s just a little bit high.

Taking a taxi or taking a luxury buses buses cost me twenty one ruby six the name.

It takes years because you know probably a thousand or fifteen hundred rupees. This really because the basis. So when you get on the bus just let the driver know where you’re going and usually stop at the destination and tell you to get off at that point the drive is a really helpful.

Steve Jobs came here
Steve Jobs came here

Steve Jobs came here in nineteen seventy four looking for enlightenment from a girl. Her named name coralie Baba but the Baba had died three months prior Bayliss still said that his time here and name curly about his favorite fruit apples inspired the apple logo then in two thousand and eight Marcus activate came here on advice from his mentor which was you know Steve Jobs and Steve said to mark come here and you can.

A fly on my face Facebook was going for a rough patch so my queen to his mental Steve Jobs and said you know what should I do and Steve said come to this temple company came to temple and contemplate the direction of your company so’s I could they came here and stayed for three nights and people say that a put his company on the right track after this visit.

Larry page from Google as being dangerous gold from eBay is being a to do list go inside came to town and find out why it’s become retreat fossil I can barely.

Steve Jobs came here Cant get the beauty
Steve Jobs came here Cant get the beauty

Just seen that.

Can’t Get The Pictures

They say cameras and photography is not allowed in here so we can have to go try to get some permission to film in half.

A second of film in there and win enough commission and they just say they don’t allow anybody to film in and nobody not TV crews not movie crews Nobody.

I can respect that because they wanted to be an us from which is based on people who come and.

Not have blog is in paper running around twenty came through from the streets discussed there and.

I’ll explain the table to you.

Right in front of us here at came to dominate became popular in the late sixties because an American all the known as Bob around us he wrote a book about name Karoli Baba and it really sparked the interest of foreigners and this place and so they all started coming here to receive name Carly Bob with blessings inside the complex is a Hanuman temple but all the action is around this white team which you can see in this house is a statue of name Karoli Baba.

What happen after the meeting of Baba

This is what people come to get close to him behind these temples isn’t ours from complex weakest day and I couldn’t go and check out the ice from because only guests can go and visit the house from and if you want to be a guest at the ashram could be recommended by another member of the us from ten to dom isn’t really that much of an interesting place to visit you should only really visit as your father of name Carly about about like this nothing else the to do was say and the location of this offer was actually really terrible is right on the side of a busy road with trucks going up and down all day so it’s really noisy it’s not that he’s a little if you want to go to an ashram I’d say don’t go to this one I recommend you find one that is more remote.

It’s a Steve Jobs macs suck it back and they’re a standout Hindu so I don’t think these people are going there for the spiritual side of this out from the going there for the peace and quiet and when you have that peace and quiet and when you practice yoga and when you meditate. To contemplate.

Ancient Indian philosophers like Botha for them contemplation was finding truth.

And for that they had to leave their families and had to leave their lives behind and.

They went wandering in the forest because this is where they could contemplate this this is where they could think best.

We also live in societies which restrict our ability to.

Think in new ways and the senior perspectives.

So this is another reason to come out to these places to get away from society and.

The way everybody things in the way society once using.

I’ve had similar experiences here as well the last few days inflicted a kind that I have been cut off from the internet and I’ve been in the forests and you know there’s nothing else to do but.

Contemplate and better read books in Your mind.

Ideas and does get the creative juices flowing if you’re doing yoga meditation and you’re so much so peaceful you really can feel free and free to think whatever you want and create whatever you want to is definitely a benefit to going to the saas from so this going anywhere where you can find a decent we can practice yoga meditation quietly there’s also the angle that if you go there you’ll be placed in your business will succeed like Steve Jobs.

I don’t know about that but let’s see if my you tube channel it’s a million subscribe.

The next month.


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