Ways for improving health care technology in India

Healthcare Technology
Healthcare Technology

Health Care Technology In India

Listing some of the ways which would improve healthcare technology (I will rather say improve healthcare using technology….at least at consumer end, it is mainly manual right now):

  • Show similar drugs, similar composition with price and availability status, as the one prescribed.
  • Reminders to user(patient/ care-taker) about consuming medicine.
  • Reminders about buying drugs (before it is to get over ideally).
  • Reminder about follow-up/check-up.
  • If pathological tests to check certain parameters are conducted repeatedly, then a compiled comparative result to be shown. It will help in analysis.

A Medicine Reminder Service COD MediAlert -(http://www.codmedialert.com )

It can in the back patients who either forgot to believe their medicines upon era or are dismayed moreover than taking too many meds.

Alerts easily reached through calls, SMS, Whatsapp or Email. I have been using this advance for sometime now and it has helped me in medicine supervision.

Recently door approximately some scary facts upon Medicine Non-Adherence which effects every single one part of 2 out 3 patients. This induced me to tune for something for bigger charity of my medicine schedule. I think this nice of tolerate support to can urge about insert acceptance and obliging health.



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