Uttarakhand Tourism – Dev Bhoomi Shimla, Kullu, Manali to Travel in Summer Vacation

Uttarakhand Tourism - Dev Bhoomi Shimla, Kullu, Manali to Travel in Summer Vacation
Uttarakhand Tourism - Dev Bhoomi Shimla, Kullu, Manali to Travel in Summer Vacation

India is a beautiful place. In this country, beautiful States, cities and many more places to visit.

Uttarakhand Tourism

So, In this summer, if you are thinking it to visit any place then come in India. The most beautiful places to travel in summer is Uttarakhand. It’s called as the Dev Bhoomi (Goddes Place). ThisĀ  place is surrounded by lots of mountains, beautiful valleys, peak point of the mountain, Beautiful locations with nature, adventurous places is one of the most beautiful place of Uttarakhand.

Uttarakhand have Shimla. In Shimla, lots of loving point for lovers. So, if you are newly wedded couple then you have to come and join to Shimla.

kartikswamitemple uttrakhand tourism travel
kartikswamitemple uttrakhand tourism travel

Because when you come here then definitely, you will love the nature. If you want a sexy and beautiful romantic wedding life. Then definitely at some place where you can live with your related bridal right here. You can feel the nature because rocks and mountains are really phenomenal here.

Shimla honeymoon places to travel in this summer
Shimla honeymoon places to travel in this summer

When you started your traveling Delhi to Shimla. Then, there will be two options you have.

First one , you can take your flight Delhi to Shimla airport. It will take 1 and half hours to travel via flights.

Second option you can travel by road. Travel via Road you have to take bus transportation. There is lots of buses going on the route. You can take one of them. It will take 4 and half hours to reach at Shimla. Sometimes it can be longer due to weather of mountains.

When you arrived at Shimla, then you can walk away to mint Road. Walk-able distance, so that’s why you can walk and go to mint Road. This place is made by English when India was not free. The independence of India more than 70 years but still mint road is similar look like as English era. After this you can go and visit the local places of Shimla.

You can get lots of beautiful places. You can find your place where you can sit down and find out what you will looking for. Take rest at least 1 to 2 hours at that same place. Because, while you stay on the place you’re getting your feeling. You are touching your own sensors in Shimla.

After that you can move back to mandir of Lord Hanuman. As per the story of ancient age, lord Ram has tool to Lord Hanuman go. Get some medicine for their brother who had been injured in the fight with Ravan. At the time Lord Hanuman confused by lots of medicine. So, that’s why he has taken all the mountain at the own shoulder and go back to Sri Lanka and delivered to Ram. That’s why this place is valuable for Lord Hanuman. A large piece of Statue of Lord Hanuman is situated here. It’s beautiful loving emotional and memorable. You can stay here at least for 20 minutes to connect your devotional spiritual. Your strength well with lord Hanuman.

uttarakhand dev bhoomi travel
uttarakhand dev bhoomi travel

Here, lot’s of hotels, lots of restaurants which one giving you a best hospitality into the world. You have to try and when you are going indefinitely. You are getting the best solution for hotels.
Shimla, Kullu, Manali have lots of destination. That’s why they are best nautural tourism place. The beauty of mountains and adventure is calling the youth right here.

If, you’re Tired in this summer, then definitely this is your best place to visit.

Book your flight with us either. You can book your hotels either you can book your bus transportation with us. Get the best adventurous natural places to visit in India in this summer.

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