The Importance of Video in Tourism Marketing

The Importance of Video in Tourism Marketing
The Importance of Video in Tourism Marketing

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People love to learn about new places and tourist attractions by watching videos. Video is the dominant medium in the lives of consumers. YouTube helps billions of people watch videos every day and is just as popular in the travel industry.

Online videos are watched throughout the customer journey, from perception to purchase, primarily to make travel decisions. Undoubtedly, tourism videos made using a professional video maker provide a more complete and rich insight into the tour experience and can erase the barriers that prevent travelers from clicking the Buy button. Since the organizers of all tours and activities are following the trends of video marketing, you too must use the medium to add value to your brand.

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How Videos Can Improve Your Tourism Marketing

1. Your customers will get to know your brand and your products quickly and effectively

Video is a powerful medium that helps your travel business highlight high-quality photos and tell a compelling story. For example, a potential customer sees a picture of someone enjoying the snow on beautiful hills and mountains. The event is just a moment in the story. This image leaves many questions in the minds of travellers, and videos help potential customers determine if your tour or activity is suitable for them.

2. They can increase traffic to your website

To attract more visitors, tourist brands and businesses are always looking for tactics that can be creatively displayed using videos on your site. Posting your travel videos on social media platforms and on the website can result in better rankings, better online visibility, and consistent website traffic.

3. They can showcase your brand’s personality and set you apart from the competition

With videos, your brand’s personality is displayed stronger and faster than images and text. Your video can set a tone and character to help your customers connect with you and keep away from your competitors. Combining video and music can further enhance your brand message and tone. It’s a secret element that lets you establish your voice, style, and attitude in minutes.

  1. Your travel videos should be brand-related. Example: If your brand is fast-paced and action-oriented, create fast-cutting and fast-moving videos.
  2. You can use hovering drone footage to show the tranquillity and beauty of the surrounding landscape.
  3. You can use animation using a video maker in family shot videos, which is a reliable and attention-grabbing way to get your customers’ attention.
  4. You can convey your brand in a playful and accessible way. The more your audience connects with the personality of your brand, the more likely they are to buy something.

4. They provide you with the ability to sell emotional experiences

Video marketing allows businesses to attract viewers and makes their viewing experience more immersive. Travel videos can evoke emotional reactions from viewers and can turn them into ambitious customers who are more likely to travel to the places they saw in the video. In today’s highly restricted travel environment, video as a medium plays an important role in raising awareness of major tourist destinations and exotic locations.

5. They allow customers to feel emotions and actions through the eyes of others

  1. Videos of tours and activities are like reading customer feedback in 3D.
  2. Your tours and activities will quickly become easier to understand and accelerate your viewers’ process of reflection.

Images can show what you’re doing, but they can’t capture momentary changes or movements so that viewers can feel those actions. Videos can encourage viewers to trust your brand and stimulate viewer empathy. When consumers can turn to your business, they feel more comfortable and begin to trust your brand. Undoubtedly, trust is the main emotion that drives people to buy. It’s a well-known fact that video has overtaken all other formats of content these days. This has led tourism companies to adopt a strategy that puts video first and foremost. Today, it’s becoming increasingly clear that video-based content is more likely to be consumed by viewers.

6. They enable businesses to make way for digital marketing and visual decision-making

Videos have a positive impact on customers. They have a higher commitment as several social media users rely on the two-way interaction platform videos offer. 

7. They entertain and provide valuable or interesting information: Use of 360-degree videos

Companies are trying to integrate the latest video technology to get the attention of potential customers. There’s evidence that tourism companies are using technologies such as 360-degree videos to give viewers a comprehensive view of exotic destinations. Such videos not only provide video footage but also include history and facts related to a particular site or location, giving them additional influence in delivering a message.

8. They enable you to share catchy phrases and heartfelt sentiments

More and more tour operators are spreading relevant messages today, such as ‘dream now and visit later’ and ‘we are together’. The message also provides insights into how local businesses and communities are dealing with difficult times. This empathizes with the locals and increases the likelihood that content will be shared online.

While creating your travel videos, you must ensure you include images, clips, variations of lighting, and different locations. Flaunt all the exotic locations and display the most alluring discounts, deals, and offers that your travel agency can make to your target audience. Video marketing for travel agencies is the best form of conversion of leads into sales.


The current pandemic situation is unprecedented, and no one expected such a dramatic change in lifestyle in such a short period of time. However, it encouraged tourism-related businesses to adapt to new situations and develop resilience.

Despite a significant reduction in travel, businesses remain interested in video marketing. With time and an effective solution to the pandemic, tourism will survive and thrive again. In the meantime, businesses need to leverage online video editing sites to provide content that attracts, informs, entertains, and turns enthusiasts into travellers.

Videos never disappear and are only becoming more and more popular. Online videos are projected to account for a majority of all consumer internet traffic in the coming years.

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