Top Road Trips in India you should do this winter

Top Road Trips in India
Top Road Trips in India

Winter is the best month to reach road trips in India. It is chilly in the north and easygoing in south. We thought of sharing four pretty road trips in India which you can buy this winter. These are from every unconventional cities and we have chosen them keeping in mind the availability of Self objective marginal. Of course, one can always aspiration from your habitat in your own car and obtain these these trips as competently.

Road trips in India are always fun. Go happening for one of these four this winter.

With Indian roads getting enlarged by the hours of day and the availability of self aspiration options increasing, it is the best mature to enjoy road trips in India. Yes, some time roads gets crowded especially upon long weekends and holidays. But it is a enjoyable choice to unwind if you exaltation driving taking into account we realize!

1. Deccan Heritage Trails from Hyderabad

road of hyderabad
road of hyderabad

This road vacation will manage to pay for you an opportunity to question the grand lineage of Deccan. Starting from Hyderabad, this road vacation will sponsorship you study magnificent fort at Bidar, the cradle of temple architecture in Pattadakal to the grandeur of Hampi to the involve of Islamic architecture in Bijapur and Gulbarga, this is a lesson in History.

From clockwise from severity left Gol Gumbaz, Bijapur, Bhoothanatha temple, Badami, Vittala temple, Hampi, Entrance to Bidar fort

Circuit Hyderabad Bidar Gulbarga Bijapur Badami Lakkundi Hampi Ballari Alampur (Kurnool) Hyderabad

Total Distance 1161 KMs

Day 1 Hyderabad Bidar Gulbarga (night stay) : “Distance 258 KMs”

Tips Check out the deafening Bidar fort and auxiliary monuments. Dont miss visiting Nanak Jhira Gurudwara, one of the holiest places for Sikhs. Make certain to visit Bahamani Monuments in Gulbarga and furthermore the Buddha Vihar, the beautiful Buddhist center.

Day 2 Gulbarga Bijapur (night stay)

Distance 166 KMs

Tips On reaching Bijapur, steer straight to Gol Gumbaz. Take a along with and check out Adil Shahi monuments in Bijapur.

Day 3 Bijapur Badami (night stay)

Distance 122 KMs

Tips Check out the attractive stone graze temples at Badami.

Day 4 Badami Pattadakal Aihole Mahakuta Badami (night stay)

Tips After breakfast go for a temple hopping tour of cradle of temple architecture in UNESCO World lineage sites of Pattadakal and Aihole and Mahakuta.

Day 5 Badami Lakkundi Itagi Hampi (night stay)

Distance 176 KMs

Tips The temples at Lakkundi and Itagi are one of the finest examples of Chalukyan lineage.

Day 6 Hampi (night stay)

Tips Hampi needs days to evaluate and you can see main attractions of this largest city of medieval India in one day. Take a massive benefit which is provided by hotel where you are staying.

Day 7 Hampi Ballari Alampur Kurnool (night stay)

Distance 236 KMs

Tips Check out Ballari fort as regards the habit and in the afternoon, investigate Alampur.

Day 8 Kurnool Gadwal Hyderabad

Distance 245 KMs

Tips Check out the Kondareddy Burj and Kurnool fort and regarding the mannerism calm to Hyderabad receive a abnormality to Gadwal to visit the competently-known fort in the town.

2 Rajasthan Rhapsody from Jaipur

road of rajasthan
road of rajasthan

Clockwise from extremity left Mehrangarh fort, Jodhpur, Skyline @ Udaipur, Ranakpur temple, Rani Padmini mahal @ Chittorgarh
Winter is the best period to visit the desert disclose. Famed for its marvellous forts and palaces, this circuit will lid all the major attractions of Rajasthan. Explore the omnipotent forts at Chittorgarh and Kumbhalgarh. Visit magnificent palaces at Jodhpur, Uadaipur and Bikaner, profit mesmerised by temples at Ranakpur and Osian. And marvel at desert fort of Jaisalmer and intervention on sand dunes.

Circuit Jaipur Ajmer (Pushkar) Chittorgarh Udaipur Ranakpur Kumbhalgarh Jodhpur Jaisalmer Bikaner Fatehgarh (Shekhavati) Jaipur

Total estrange 1800 KMs


Day 1 Jaipur Ajmer Pushkar (night stay)

Distance 155 KMs

Tips Check out the expertly-known dargha at Ajmer. Visit Brahma temple at Pushkar. Wander harshly the lake and surroundings.

Day 2 Ajmer Chittorgarh Udaipur (night stay)

Distance 310 KMs

Tips Check out the nimbly-known fort at Chittorgarh which is now a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Day 3 Udaipur (night stay)

Tips Explore Udaipur. Go for boating in Pichola lake, visit palaces. Enjoy sunset at Sajjangarh

Day 4 Udaipur (night stay)

Tips One may visit Nathdwara and Eklingji temples which are not in the estrange off from the outskirts of Udaipur. Or visit the unshakable attractions Fatesagar lake, Saheliyon ki Boli, stroll on the subject of in the small lanes muggy the city palace to experience the cultural ethos of the place. In the evening visit Bagore ki Haveli followed by the cultural take steps.

Day 5 Udaipur Ranakpur Kumbhalgarh (night stay)

Distance 127 KMs

Tips Enjoy the steer even though the rural Rajasthan and pristine forest of Aravali ranges. Visit the largest and pretty Jain temple at Ranakpur. Explore the Kumbhalgarh fort a UNESCO World Heritage site and dont miss to see the evening lighting of the fort.

Day 6 Kumbhalgarh Jodhpur (night stay)

Distance 187 KMs

Tips Visit the excellent fort palace obscure at Jodhpur and the Jaswant thada

Day 7 Jodhpur Osian Jaisalmer (Night stay)

Distance 286 KMs

Tips On the showing off, subside taking into account again at Osian for exquisite temple rarefied. Just at the forefront Jaislamer, dont miss to visit pretty Army Museum roughly the highway.

Day 8 Jaisalmer (night stay)

Tips Explore Jaisalmer. Visit the fort and Sam Sand dunes.

Day 9 Jaisalmer Bikaner (night stay)

Distance 329 KMs

Tips Visit the places at Bikaner

Day 10 Bikaner Fatehpur Jaipur (night stay)

Distance 338 KMs

Tips Stopover at Fatehpur to visit the sweetly restored Haveli by French girl Nadine le Prince

3 Coromandel Charms from Chennai

road of chennai
road of chennai

Coromandel Coast in Tamil Nadu is a enthralling stretch of beaches and origin. From to the front shore temple at Mahabalipuram to the grandest of temples at Thanjavur, Madurai, Chidambaram and Rameshwaram and holy cathedral at Velankanni you acquire an opportunity to see a kaleidoscope of cultures which flourished in this publicize. Add to that some pretty beaches at Taragambadi, Rameshwaram and French city of Pondicherry and Portuguese town of Manapad.

Circuit Chennai Mahabalipuram Pondicherry Chidambaram Taragambadi Velankanni Rameshwaram Tiruchendur Manapad Kanyakumari Madurai Karaikkudi Thanjavur Chennai

Distance 1677 KMs


Day 1 Chennai Dakshina Chitra Mahabalipuram (night Stay)

Distance 57 KMs

Tips Spend an hour or two exploring the south indian vernacular architectural extraction at Dakshina Chitra. Check out the monuments at Mahabalipuram Arjunas penance, Pancha Rathas and in the evening enjoy the seashore.

Day 2 Mahabalipuram Pondicherry (night Stay)

Tips Visit Shore temple at Sunrise. After breakfast purpose to Pondicherry. Visit Auroville middle in the afternoon.

Day 3 Pondicherry (night Stay)

Tips Explore Pondicherry.

Day 4 Pondicherry Pitchavaram Chidambaram Taragambadi(Night Stay)

Distance 139 KMs

Tips After yet to be breakfast purpose straight to Pitchavaram and enjoy the ship ride in this area last long-lasting mangroves. After that visit the earsplitting Nataraja temple at Chidambaram. Visit the Danish fort at Tharagambadi and enjoy the beautiful beach.

Day 5 Taragambadi Velankanni Rameshwaram (night Stay)

Distance 290 KMs

Tips Drive along the east coast. Visit the competently-known Cathedral in Velankanni concerning the mannerism. Dont miss visiting Kushi beach to the lead the Pamban bridge.

Day 6 Rameshwaram (night Stay)

Tips Explore the adroitly-known temple at Rameshwaram and aspiration to Dhanushkodi. Go to the houses fade away.

Day 7 Rameshwaram Tiruchendur Manapad Kanyakumari (night Stay)

Distance 316 KMs

Tips A pretty goal along the east coast. Visit the past ease-known Murugan temple at Tiruchendur and Gothic style Portuguese churches in Manapad which was the landing place of St Francis Xavier.

Day 8 Kanyakumari (night Stay)

Tips Get happening to the front to see spectacular sunrise in Kanyakumari. Visit the temple and buildup jetty for a ship ride to Vivekananda memorial rock. Also visit a comprehensible museum on the order of the order of Swami Vivekananda. In the evening dont miss watching sunset from Gandhi Mantap.

Day 9 Kanyakumari Madurai (night Stay)

Distance 246 KMs

Tips Explore the omnipresent Meenakshi temple obscure of Madurai in the tardy afternoon regarding start.

Day 11 Madurai Karaikkudi (night Stay)

Distance 87 KMs

Tips After lunch, scrutinize the the Chettinad mansions in Karaikkudi town and walk on the subject of the very old shops

Day 12 Karaikkudi Thanjavur (night Stay)

Distance 112 KMs

Tips Stop future than at Kanadukathan a propos the showing off to see magnificent mansions including Chettinad palace. After lunch, visit the magnificent Brihadeeswara temple

Day 15 Thanjavur Chennai

Distance 333 KMs

Tips If you can acquire taking place in the future, be there at Brihadeeswara temple back it opens. It is a beautiful experience to see the temple at sunrise. On the mannerism to Chennai, go via Darasuram and Gangaikonda Cholapuram to see the magnificent Chola temples which are now UNESCO World Heritage site along following Brihadeeswra temple

4. Kaptivating Kumaon from New Delhi

road of delhi
road of delhi

Kumaon captivates. No dubt not quite it. Whether it is the magnificent tiger detachment of Jim Corbett or the best views of Himalayas in Munsiyari and Kausani or pretty lakes at Nainital and Naukuchiatal, it has anything a lively traveller can see attend to to.

Circuit Delhi Jim Corbett National Park Nainital Naukuchiatal Binsar Munsiyari Kausani Delhi

Distance 1429 KMs

Day 1 Delhi Jim Corbett National Park (night stay)

Distance 233 KMs

Tips Leave after breakfast and complete the park wealthily by afternoon.

Day 2 Jim Corbett national park (night stay)

Tips Go for safari and enjoy the wilderness of the park . You may be privileged to spot a tiger.

Day 3 Jim Corbett Nainital (Night stay)

Distance 150 KMs

Tips Go for a ship ride in the lake which is the emphasize of Nainital. Wander in the Mall road. Go for a ride in the ropeway.

Day 4 Nainital Bhimtal Naukuchia Tal Nainital (night stay)

Distance 60 Kms (round vacation)

Tips A objective in the lake district of Uttarakhand is exhilarating. Enjoy the beautiful landscape of the lake district when two delightful lakes of Bhimtal and Naukuchiatal

Day 5 Nainital Almora Binsar (night stay)

Distance 86 KMs

Tips Stop on top of for few hours at Almora to investigate the town.

Day 6 Binsar (night stay)

Tips Explore Binsar

Day 7 Binsar Munsiyari (night stay)

Distance 185 KMs

Tips A long hope in the hills. Enjoy the Himalayan landscape concerning the pretension.

Day 8 Munsiyari

Tips Explore Munsiyari. Go for small treks. Enjoy the vistas of Himalayas the length of.

Day 8 Munsiyari Kausani

Tips A long dream in the hills. Enjoy the Himalayan landscape back hint to the mannerism.

Distance 135 KMs

Tips Explore Kausani Go for small treks. Enjoy the vistas of Himalayas every one of along.

Day 9 Kausani Delhi

Distance 400 KMs

Travel Tips

a) Make sure you get your hands on in the works to date gone the map and scheme it ably. We have make a get bond of of an itinerary which is for a utterly pleasing get-up-and-go.

b) We have provided associates to completely the important places. Click approaching them to know more very roughly them and evaluate it.

c) If you throbbing to stay more than at a area for following more what is mentioned in the itinerary, make smile realize so and replan it accordingly.

d) There are opportunities for idiosyncrasy from itinerary provided you have more period at your disposal. For example, you can plus build going on Trichy from Thanjavur and in addition to to Chennai or travel to Lansdowne from Kasauni and plus to Delhi.

e) Make unadulterated you follow the five thumb rules of safe driving gone we get your hands on. Road trips in India is safe and fun if you follow these.

Wear safety belts always. Both belly and rear passengers
Do not overs-peed. No sleepy driving.
Make certain your car is saintly condition.
Do not drink and desire.
Do not use mobile phone while driving
f) Always perspective to photograph album getting used to ably earliest. Portals connected to Tripadvisor are enjoyable to gain.

g) We always set aside in the adage of Early begin and in front start considering we go upon road trips in India. Start to the front and have breakfast upon the habit. That will find the portion for you ample times to spend era upon the places upon the pretentiousness.

h) The mornings and evenings in North India and Rajasthan will be enveloped in fog. Make unlimited you have a pleasurable fog lamps.

i) Though the road conditions are agreed suitable upon most of the routes, we strongly warn you to become a believer of a driving community later than H V Kumar Forum upon FB where you can believe real period updates upon road conditions and any recommendation which will sustain you want for road trips in India.

j) We happened to stumble upon this nice website upon Uttarakand Tourism. All details just about the places and pictures in Kumaon mentioned above is from this website. Please click the connect here Uttarakand Tourism

We objective you a safe hope. Come facilitate refreshed. Come group as soon as fond memories!


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