Top 8 best places to live in India

Top 8 best places to live in India
Top 8 best places to live in India

Hi, friends, top 8 best places to live in India number while you’re travelling in India.

India has diversity of culture. That’s why whenever you will look forward to travelling as a tourist. Then you can find some possibilities to live in India.

So without wasting our time, let’s start the conversation of best places to live in India.

1. Mumbai: if you are in India and you are looking for long living and relaxed life. Then Mumbai is your final destination.

Because here you can get it all the facilities whatever you wanted in all over the world. You can get all the products whatever you name it.

All kind of associates whatever you wanted in all over the world you can get it here. If you want any high Technology gadget, then you can get it.

Looking for luxury Safari or any luxury boating, then you have to visit best places of Mumbai. To find best places of India then definitely Mumbai will be one of them.

If you are looking best food of India. Then you can name Mumbai as your first choice to get it all varieties of food.

If you are looking for best farming activity. Or best forming tourism or agriculture tourism or any farming technology. Then you can come in Maharashtra and look forward to it.

It means you can get it all kind of variety at one place.

Top Road Trips in India
Top Road Trips in India

Ancient forts and unique architecture

2. Rajasthan: if you are looking for a royal life. Then definitely you have to visit in India. In India, only Rajasthan is one of the best places where you can live like as a king.

If you are a woman and you want to be a Queen. Then try here to live like a Queen. Ancient forts and unique architecture is the key point of Rajasthan.

Rajasthan Tourism is the best place where you can get the best Safari experience. It is also known as the best dessert places to visit.

Rajasthan is also known for the best visiting place of culture. Here you can experience the active living efforts. And the quality of life.

The most visited place of Rajasthan is Jaipur. Jaipur is the beautiful city of India. And it is also called as the Pink City of India. Looking for the different architecture of India then you have to visit Jaipur.

The culture and tradition of Rajasthan are entirely distinct from the world. Traditional fashion and style statement is unbeatable.

If you are a fashion designer, then you must have to come here. From here you can learn a lot of things regarding fashion and tradition.

Early if you want to live in India, then Rajasthan will be your best destination of India.

Your best destination of India

3. Chandigarh: if you are an adventurous guy and you are looking for some adventurous activity. Then you must have to visit Chandigarh that is a state of India.

The core language of Chandigarh is Punjabi. Chandigarh is famous for the music sensation. Looks of Punjabi singers that one right now world famous.

Punjabi songs are famous in all over the world. Sikh Dharam is related from this place.

Punjabi guys are known as well energetic and extraordinary enthusiastic. Body language and their fashion style is different, and the Swag of Punjabi is great.

Amritsar is also the best tourist place of Punjab tourism. Here the prayer destination which one called as Gurdwara. Golden temple of India situated at Amritsar.

If you want to live here, then you will love the food of Amritsar. Punjabi roti and Punjabi dal makhani is world famous in all over the. Still, if you are a not vegetarian then tandoori chicken and chicken kebab is world famous.

So if you are a nature lover or nature tourism and food junky, then this place is for you.

kerala honeymoon packages
kerala honeymoon packages

Living standard of Goa

4. Goa: if you want to live a luxurious life then Goa Tourism is giving you the best experience.

The beaches of Goa is giving you the best experience of your life. The living standard of Goa is really up to the mark.

The food quality of Goa is tremendous and tasty. Music is in the blood of Goa. Every evening and morning is a started and end with musical sensation.

Dance is a culture of Goa. The crowd of Goa is fully crowded with youngsters. If you are looking for night life, then Goa will be your best living place of India.

Western culture influences the fashion statement of Goa. Most of the population is Christian.

The beaches of Goa is flawless and beautiful. Hotel services of Goa are up to the mark and fine. The hospitality of this place is unbeatable.

So that if you are trying to find best places to live in India then go I will be your another destination where you can live.

Flawless and beautiful

5. Kerala: if you are a peace lover. Then you have to come to Kerala Tourism.

Kerala is a spiritual place of the world. It is famous for their spices and Nariyal Pani.

The coconut oil of Kerala is world famous and exported from different regions of the world. People of Kerala is also loving gold, and they believe that it’s a gift of God.

Most of the gold triggers are coming from here. Kalyan Jewellers is one of the best gold and diamond seller of India is coming from Kerala.

people of india - a indian boy smile
people of india – a indian boy smile

Taj Mahal is located

6. Agra: Agra is a beautiful city of Uttar Pradesh. This is the best living place of India because the surrounding and environment of nature are fresh and best.

Agra is a part of eight wonders of the world. Taj Mahal is located in Agra.

For living in Agra best hotels to stay with they agreed on facilities. Food quality is standard, and veg Thali and chicken kebab are good for everyone.

The transportation system is the key to Agra city. It is a city of Mughal sultanate. In the history of India Agra is the key part. Because, it was the capital of Hindustan.

Luxury accessories

7. Delhi: it is a capital of India. In Delhi, the variety of food culture and their behaviour.

Yeah, you can get it all the luxury accessories at the best rate.

It is a mixed culture of India because it’s a centre of India. Best colleges of India is situated in Delhi. It is education hub of India.

Akshardham Mandir is the best tourist place for everyone. Khan Market and Nehru place is a technology driven centre or Delhi. IT sector is the booming service centre of this location.

The big players of marketing and digital marketing companies are located here. All political campaigns are running because Parliament of India is situated here.

Best destinations
Best destinations

Companies are located

8. Bangalore: it is an information technology hub of the world. Is the IT centre of India and most of the information technology activities drive by this place.

Best Information Technology College with best medical facilities. Bengaluru is coming on the top of online businesses of India.

A large number of startups in India is generated by Bengaluru. As per the data, every year more than 700 + start-ups are started from Bengaluru. And the good news is they all are running successfully.

Sports live cricket and other activities like Olympic practical guide system specific by here.

Friends, many Different cities where you can live in India proudly. But I am here explaining the best living places of India as per my recommendation.

But if you will explore India then definitely it will take time, and you cannot count the number of cities.

Come in India and at least travel in India to know more diversity of cultures and civilisations. Thanks.

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