Top 7 Must Visit Places in India At Least Once in Your Life Before 40

Top 7 Must Visit Places in India
Top 7 Must Visit Places in India

Explore 7 top best tourist places to visit in India for wonderful holiday. These are must visit places in India to be a part of healthy clean air and beautiful parts of country with quality time.

We are coming with the final destinations you must visit places in India at least once in a life. Explore 7 top best tourist places to visit in India for wonderful holiday.

As we know that India is one of the fastest growing tourism destinations of the world. India is full of culture, Civilization, yoga, mountains, river, tree, clear air, waterfall and amazing wildlife beauty.

Indian land has complete diversity, not only about the beauty of the nature but in respective of the Civilization, culture and the language. Indian mentality is called believer. Every Indian is believing in God and they are connecting with each and everything in respectable manner.

Must Visit Places in India
Must Visit Places in India

Why am forcing must visit places in India. Because importance of family in festivals with complete folk arts, family culture and traditions.

If you are a first time traveler. Then definitely you’re looking for better food because this is the most important hygiene character for travelling.

If you are a fast food lover and you never tried Indian dishes then definitely try. I want to eat the food of India then definitely you will love it of the masala and the chapata swaad (taste of India).

Start our journey to visiting the places:

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Delhi a complete history and heritage capital of India

Delhi is the place where you can go and you can filter out this in your top best destination to explore best places to visit once in a lifetime in India before 40.

Actually, you are belonging from Delhi than your tongue will be completely different from all across India. This is the civilization of Delhi and culture the way of language and the food quality. That is making Delhi as a unique and the complementary destination you to visit the places of India.

Explore Delhi Location Map Image with India Gate photos
Explore Delhi Location Map

You will come in Delhi then definitely you can feel that this is the historical place. In Conclusion, the historic city Delhi, it will attract you with the large number of tourist and travel destinations. Like: Kutub Minar, lal Kila, hauz Khas, jama Masjid, fatehpur Sikri Fort, national Museum of India, rajghat, lakshmi Narayan temple, church of redemption, iskcon Temple, kalkaji Mandir, chhatarpur Temple, digambar Jain Lal Mandir and specially India Gate.

Delhi is giving you the full freedom to choose  your list of Sight seen. You are a Traveller and you love to see the story kal places and explore the Heritage. You will love this place.

Delhi Food - Parathas of India
Delhi Food – Parathas of India

How is the food of Delhi?

You can explore the food of Delhi. Delhi is actually very cheap for Travellers and affordable to stay for long.

You have to eat paratha house of Delhi. The best Parathas are making at Paratha gali or khaue gali. Everyday more than hundred plus shopkeepers are selling more than 50000 + prathas in supply.

Bahallee chat of Delhi is also very famous. This recipe complete Vada is smashed into the curd. They are putting salt and jeera over it. Very simple recipe but it is very tasty and spicy.

Pani puri or golgappe’s of Delhi is amazing. Usually India pani puri is with only salted taste but in Delhi their mixing both of that like salt and sweet both. That’s why, the taste of guppies is really amazing and greed and unique.

Thali of vegetables, salad and dal chawal is giving you the complete mental belief and believe. Because as per the belief of Indian culture and Civilization in night you have to eat very light food.

Indians are making very light food in the night and you can eat that can you give me. The scientific way, you can analyse that the list spices with the quality food it is very easy to digest.

Overall You can enjoy the food of India in Delhi.

Life of Goa - Party and Nightlife Image with bear glass photos
Life of Goa – Party and Nightlife

Goa – the place of fun

If you’re Youngster and you’re travelling around India. Then Goa is a destination where you can fun a lot.

Coming from foreign countries like Europe and united State then definitely you are familiar with the beaches and sunset. At Goa you can actually love at the sunset and the sunrise.

The best quality restaurants will give you the pleasure of hospitality of Goa. You can take the bath of sea or swimming at hotels.

Energy of Goa is amazing. Play the light life is more existing than the sunrise. That’s Why, Goa is the one of the best travel destinations of India.

Beautiful girls, amazing songs and exciting environment will give you the pleasure.

As a youngster then definitely, this trip will be more memorable for you.

Beach Goa Party Photo
Beach Goa Party Image

What type of Attraction in Goa?

Goa beaches are full of life like beautiful girls, water sports, whisky, wine, songs, candle light dinner and sexy life of couples and lovers.

Goa Beaches like Fort Aguada, Church of Mae De Deus, Basilica of Bom Jesus, Temple of Bodgeshwar, Vagator, Calangute, Anjuna, Colva, & Benaulim, Dudhsagar Waterfalls, St Xavier’s Church.

Goa for sports like Grand Island for water sports, For Casino: Deltin Royale and For Best Goa clubs Titos, Mambos, LPK (Love Passion Karma), SinQ, & Club Cubana.

Goa state is smallest state of India and it is situated at Arabian Sea.  Maximum number of tourist are coming. Frequency of foreigners domestic travelers are equal.

Foreign Travelers are coming from Turkey, united State of America, united Kingdom, Germany, France, south Africa and Australia. Number of Travelers for domestic in Goa coming from Uttar Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Uttrakhand and bengaluru.

Party of Goa is always on so that’s why this is known as the party and casino hub of India.

Tourism Kerala Images HD
Tourism Kerala Images HD

Gift of nature – Kerala

Only in Kerala state of India, more than 15 Million tourist are coming each and every year to visit the beautiful nature of the world.

Statics of Indian state tourism, the top 10 most popular tourist destinations in India.

This is it is actually very famous for the borders of coconut with beautiful backwaters, completely amazing Eco tourism destination that Can attract the foreigners and the travellers.

The Tourist are coming here to enjoy the house boat riding. Backwater of Kerala there are multiple houseboats that are giving on rent only for couples and travellers.

Top houseboat cost for every day around 500 rupees to 50,000 rupees. Kerala is a place where you can enjoy the wildlife.

Coconut trees are amazing and they are situated each and everywhere. The financial life of Kerala is based on coconut oils and the gold mines.

In the era of British government, the spices of Kerala were famous worldwide. That’s why the Britishers had sold out and got it all kind of masala all over the world.

Kerala wedding photography Image
Kerala wedding photography

Best destination for wedding photography:

Kerala is the best destination for wedding photography because the nature and the couples are making phenomenal photoshoot wallpapers. Wedding is the most important part of each and every human life. It only one time. That’s why it and everybody will try to make this moment special and capture in the memories.

So, the nature beauty of Kerala is really great. So that’s why the biggest photography of wedding happens only and most the time in Kerala. Tamil movies and Telugu movies and even Hollywood movies are showing images of Kerala will there shooting any music video or any romantic songs.

The temperature of Kerala is always up to the mark definitely sometime it is much higher for your body but it releases your stress. Factors of Kerala is out and high.

You are trying to travel most visit places in India before you 40. You come with your woman quality time in Kerala with the nature.

Varanasi the place of gods

Varanasi is also called as Kashi or sometimes many person is called as Banaras. Which is the most exciting place of the earth. Because you are spirituality and the connection of God with the modern languages and the languages with the technology.

Varanasi is also best for Travellers because they can see the Civilization on the way of living of Banarasi.

Varanasi The Place of Gods Image
Varanasi The Place of Gods Image

In Varanasi more than 80 + Ganga Ghats are available. All are really beautiful, amazing and unique. It’s not only my word it is the word of all the Travelers who had traveled here.

You can go and check out on Google or go to the Facebook search queries. Like What is Varanasi best places to visit, how was the experience of Varanasi, what kind of culture and civilization of Varanasi then you can get lots of information shared by the travelers.

View of living in Varanasi and The Travel Tourism industry of Varanasi is really great and up to the mark.

Varanasi then you can see multiple temples of gods. Each and every roads are connected with the God and spirituality of the worlds. Here, The theory of dark powers and positive powers are strong.

Most of the person had spent their life here and created their own as Sadhu are they are called as Baba.

Varanasi is famous for Mahadev Shiv Shankar trilokinath shivling temple name as vishwanath. The belief of Varanasi, anybody will die here and definitely they will connect with the Gods for their life.

Where you want to die?

Most of the person is coming in Varanasi, see the beauty of Varanasi and culture and temples.

Most of the domestic Travellers are coming here live their life and end it. Because the believe of Varanasi is very strong that in the Ghats of Varanasi for anybody will die.

Then they will go directly to the heaven because this place is so beautiful and connected with the Gods.

This place is directly connected with the Gods. So that’s why if you will die here then God will adopt you into the heaven.

Manikarnika Ghat is the place where everybody will try to dispose the body.

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