Top 5 interesting facts about India

interesting facts about India

Interesting facts about India

Explore and know interesting facts about India. It is a diversified country and the most growing economic population.

Every day many interesting facts are coming from India. Let’s explore the Exclusive, interesting facts about India:

Indian post office timings
Indian post office timings

1. Indian post office into the last village of India:

The beauty of Indian post office is that they are available in all over the branches of the and towns. Indian Postmaster in Indian government is dedicated to delivering the best meal service on the ground with the help of post office solution.

You are not able to deliver any message on mail then definitely you can send them a letter. For that Indian post office will help you and the postmasters of the post office of India will deliver your message to your family.

Dedication and devotion the message is the most critical factor.

next kumbh mela
next kumbh mela

2. The Kumbh Mela is visible from space:

India has many interesting facts. One of the best example Kumbh Mela.

Allahabad is a city where Kumbh Mela is conducting every four years after 12 years. The crowd of Kumbh Mela is visible from space.

The quality of the visiting person is so using that’s why it is visible from space.

Bandra Worli sea face
Bandra Worli sea face

3. Bandra Worli sea face:

It is covered with steel wires to face the earthquake. Bandra Worli sea face is one of the best examples where interesting facts are living life.

Bandra Worli Sea Link Has taken more than 2.5 lakh working hours. It’s a huge amount of data and amount of time has been adopted by Bandra Worli Sea Link. But now dominant and giving the actual engineering and architectural marble.

No Bandra Worli Sea Link is capable of holding any earthquake of the earth. It is the fastest way to travel in Mumbai.

Interesting facts about Bandra Worli Sea Link is that it is more potent than 50000 + African elephants power. It can hold any earthquake in the world, and it will sustain for any condition.

Highest rainfall in Cherrapunji
Highest rainfall in Cherrapunji

4. Highest rainfall in Cherrapunji:

It is the most important and fantastic fact that India has a village cherrapunji. In cherrapunji rainfall into the world recorded till now.

Cherrapunji is a part of Meghalaya. It has recorded the record rainfall of the earth into the calendar year of 1862. The most interesting fact on India is that they have the number of diversity an exciting locations.

world highest international cricket ground
world highest international cricket ground

5. The highest cricket ground in the world in India:

Himachal Pradesh is a state where the highest situated in the world.

This cricket ground was established in 1893 Bhai Bhupinder Singh Maharaja of Patiala. Is situated within 2500 m above the sea level. At the same time, the will maintain basketball court is available on this cricket ground.

shampoo history
shampoo history

6. Are you using shampoo:

If you are a human being then definitely you had used to shampoo in your life at least once. But this is most interesting facts about India is shampoo was created by an Indian guy.

In Sanskrit, it is called as shampoo, and it was invented by accidental cause. A story is that once an Indian guy was trying to clean the hair and then after he got something. He had the mix that and then after he is using with that in the hair washing.

That’s how shampoo is an Indian concept and created in India. Now the total market share of shampoo in all over the world is more than 1400 million.

National kabaddi got all World Cups
National kabaddi got all World Cups

7. National kabaddi has got all the World Cups till now:

This is the most interesting fact about India. Indian national kabaddi team has all the World Cups. India is unbeaten throughout all the tournaments.

And the best part is that Indian women national kabaddi team has also unbeaten till now.

first rocket of India
first rocket of India

8. The first rocket of India carried by a farmer:

India is the most successful in all over the time of the world. But this is most interesting fact that the first rocket in India was transported on cycle.

In that meantime tool that if anybody is transporting and trying to reach this space by using Limited Technology.

But as you can see that now India is the most ultimate Technology system in the world in space research and development.

Recently ISRO has successfully developed and delivered mangalyaan of India.

India has a spa for elephants
India has a spa for elephants

9. Spa for elephants:

It is very interesting that in Kerala a specific is par was opened only for elephants.

So if you are holding any elephant in your hometown either in your house then definitely if you want to, then please come and visit here.

Actually, this is a very big step to save the elephants in India. It is very appreciated, and it’s a good move by the Indian government to take care the elephant and animals of the wild.

Animals are directly related to nature, and it is most about India is there nature care country system.

percentage of english speakers in the world
percentage of english speakers in the world

10. The second largest English speaking economy:

130 + million people are living till now. But the best part is that India is a speaking most of the region in Hindi and English.

The only United State of America is the country that is heading. We will hope that India will beat United State of America to speak English.

Currently, only 10% of the population is using English in the universal language but as you can see that now its largest English speaking country of the world.

So think if at least 50% of the population in India will try to speak English then the numbers will be higher.

China scarce amount of English speaking guys are available.

how many vegetarians in the world 2016
how many vegetarians in the world 2016

11. The largest number of vegetarian:

India’s the country who have the largest number of vegetarians in the world. In compared to other countries where all the countries are focusing on me and animals, so that’s why they are killing the nature.

But at the same time in India, this is most interesting facts about India that are taking vegetarian foods.

Around 20 to 40% of Indians are vegetarian, and the ratio is increasing day by day. This is the most amazing fact of India is that they are leading vegetarian country of the world and try to focus and enhance the ecosystem of this.

Just think if all the person will be vegetarian of the world then animals and human beings will be live together, and nature will sustain for the longer term.

"largest producer of the milk importance of white revolution
largest producer of the milk importance of white revolution

12. The most significant producer of the milk:

India is the leading milk in all over the world. Every year on an average more than 135 million ton milk is produced by India.

The number of cows and buffaloes are situated in India is significant. The state with their cow and they had told that they are there mother symbol.

This kind of replication you can see only in India towards animal and Planet. Nature-friendly and eco system will be economical.

Milk is the most critical factor to get the protein. That’s why if you’re looking for health tips then definitely it can be the best choice for your healthy life.

If every day you are taking one glass of milk in your diet then definitely it can help you to live longer and stay active.

list of fastest growing economies in the world 2017
list of fastest growing economies in the world 2017

13. The fastest growing economy in the world:

India is the leading fastest growing economy in the world. This is the word of IMF and other financial companies.

The current growth rate of India is more than 7%. That in upcoming 2025 the ratio will be more than 12%.

Minister of India Narendra damodardas Modi is the critical factor in growing the economy of India. It delivered lots of activity towards the system.

He is working on the rapid-fire system collaboration and improvement. Lot’s of laws and rules are regulated and created and modified by the Modi government.

The support of Modi is growing day by day that’s why the flow of Indian economy is increasing day by day rapidly.

These are the most interesting facts about India in this article. Actually, in India, there will be lots of other factors. But in this article, we are coming with an insufficient number of facts of India.

This is because of lack of time and amount of content. Very soon we will come with new facts about India. So please connect with us. THANKS.

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