Top 5 Cheapest Countries to travel from India

Top 5 Cheapest Countries to travel from India | TravelBrandIndia
Top 5 Cheapest Countries to travel from India | TravelBrandIndia

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Top 5 Nearest & Cheapest Country to travel from India

As a frequent Traveler, you are looking for the cheapest travel destinations from India. Here this article will help you to find out top 5 cheapest countries to travel from India.

Bali Top 5 Cheapest Countries to travel from India
Bali Top 5 Cheapest Countries to travel from India. Image by: The Jakarta Post

5. Bali:

If you are budget travel and looking for the cheapest country to travel from India with your travel visa. Then Bali is the most preferred destination to visit.

Bali situated in South Asia zone. The destination between Bali to India is not too far away. The currency conversion ratio is not too much higher and compared to Bali versus Indian Rupees.

it Is a similar to Indian Rupees, so that’s why it’s easy to travel and cheap to stay.

We all heard about the Ramayana epic story of India. The epic story is based on action done by Lord Rama. In this book, Lord Rama did lots of activity to win his wife and came back to Bali to achieve that. Known as the place where lots of monkeys are situated, and they have their group.

Bali is the most beautiful place all across the world regarding the nature connection and statues.

The flight rate from Bali to India it will be approx 5000 to 10000 rupees in between. The traveling time from Bali to India it will be 2 hours by using International Airport flights.

Traveling towards Bali is very easy to use and go away. Frequent Traveller then definitely you have to come to Bali and visit this place. This place is best for budget travelers and if you are looking for the cheaper destination to travel from India.

Malaysia Top 5 Cheapest Countries to travel from India
Malaysia Top 5 Cheapest Countries to travel from India

4. Malaysia:

What is the most frequent question in your mind when you heard about Malaysia?

As a Traveler, you think that is it Malaysia is safe and secure to go with your reasonable budget? Then the answer will be yours.

Malaysia to India flight destination cost is very low and easy to go. The cheapest flight ever from India. Air Asia is the sponsored and Transportation system.

As a Traveller, you can get it the best cheapest flight rates from Malaysia to India 3000 to 7000 Rupees. The time it will take it will be hardly one and half hour if you will report from Chennai to Malaysia airport.

Most of the Hindus are situated at Malaysia. And we all know that India is also known as Hindustan. Then this is one of the best convenient places is either suitable cheapest travel destinations from India.

Manisha is a country where many temples of Hindus are available. Believe that Lord Rama had gone this route and that’s why this place is so here and desperate.

The food of Malaysia based on vegetarian. This place based on the sea that’s why most of the nonvegetarian lovers and seafood lovers are here.

If you want a food Technology guy then definitely this place is for you. Most of the Malaysian food is inspired by Indian food. I love to eat spicy food as usual India.

So if you will travel here, then you will never feel any hesitation regarding food.

We were talking about the Malaysian flights and food. Come on the topic regarding Malaysian hotels.

The hospitality service of Malaysia is outstanding. They are very clean and your destination to travel.

The hotels of Malaysia are cheap. The cleanings are also one of the remarkable vital points Of Malaysian hotel. You had already planned your destination holiday then you can book this place in advance at a cheaper rate.

You are trying to stay here then you have to pay only 300 rupees in a day.

Overall this place is very much familiar if you are an Indian guy. As per our Hotel, this is our most recommended place where you can go and enjoy the sunbath of this place with beautiful girls.

Bangkok Top 5 Cheapest Countries to travel from India
Bangkok Top 5 Cheapest Countries to travel from India

3. Bangkok:

Indian Den Bangkok and Thailand it can be your one of the most expensive destination.

Especially if you are a man then definitely you want to go at this place to f*** around.

This place is famous for the escort and nightlife culture. The red light area of this place is world famous.

The Bangkok girls are sexy and hot. Most expensive spa facilities are available at Bangkok with Inner Wheel cheap rate.

Bangkok Spa culture inspires the four fountain spa and others spa centers. The massage quality of Bangkok Spa is one of the recommendable hospitality.

Foreign Travellers are coming here only for that offer spa. Bangkok is the best cheapest country to travel from India.

Hey, you can eat the best kind of food. The luxurious facility of a spa within your budget. The most lovable destination with beautiful scenes for traveling. Most recommendable Casino and girls are the one of the best attraction of this place.

If you are a man, definitely you have to come to this place and enjoy your life. Here you can get the best sex life and emotional touch with the nature to travel.

Jordan Top 5 Cheapest Countries to travel from India
Jordan Top 5 Cheapest Countries to travel from India

2. Jordan:

It is Islamic state kind of country. But this place is genuinely recommendable because they are living without any support by Islamic nations.

Jordan is similar in like Israel. We all know that Israel is fighting with all the Islamic countries where they situated in between of Islamic nations.

Similarly Jordan is actually and working and behaviour like that.

As a Traveller you can explore the beautiful destinations of Jordan. The tourism of Jordan is easy to fly. The Government of Jordan is supporting and trying to improve their travel industry. That’s why you can get the cheapest flight rate ever.

Travel Jordan is one of the best slogan given by the Jordan government. Travel industry of Jordan based on their historical values and their Christian prosperity.

We all know that God Jesus had born at this place similar to Israel. This place recognized as one of the best places where travelers do most spiritual activities.

Most of the Travellers are coming here to look forward what kind of food quality they have. The Jordan based on nonvegetarian taste.

Food is known as the top 10 best nonveg food area of the world. The best quality of Kabab and chicken tikka is available here. If you take that chicken tikka, then you will be the fan of it.

The destinations of commendable and you will love to travel. Most of the places are based out of the desert. But deserve it is also recommendable please for this particular cheapest country travel from India.

The hotel of Jordan is luxurious. You can get all can a facility is in this Royal Hotel of Jordan.

They are giving the best kind of hospitality into the world if you are coming here as a guest.

These are the cheapest royal hotels in the world with the best kind of facility.

For traveling in your holidays either for your honeymoon destination in Jordan, it can be one of the best places for you.

Sri Lanka Top 5 Cheapest Countries to travel from India
Sri Lanka Top 5 Cheapest Countries to travel from India

1. Sri Lanka:

Indian and your budget are tight. Then Sri Lanka will be your best preferable country to travel.

We all know about Sri Lanka regarding Ramayana story that Ravan was the person who created this place and all the Ravan activities are done at this place.

That Sri Lanka is the best destination to travel in your holidays. If you’re coming here for honeymoon package then definitely Sri Lanka can be the best option for you. Because the forest of Sri Lanka is tremendous and the beauty of nature flawless.

Sri Lanka is famous for their natural beauty and local availability. Sri Lanka is one of the best places where you can find out the best Telecom solution. Sri Lanka growth rate is one of the highest growth rates in the world as a country.

If you’re looking for a flight from Sri Lanka to India. It will be around 3000 to 7000 Rupees. The time travel of this flight one and half hour. Within one and half hour you will be here, and you will enjoy the most beautiful places in the world.

Cheap solution to travel from India to Sri Lanka then the boating from Rameshwaram to Sri Lanka port. But it will take around 6 hours to travel from Rameshwaram to Sri Lanka port. Yes but the destination and the traveling time will be the best time had ever you spend it.

The water level from Rameshwaram to Sri Lanka is shallow so that’s why you can see the sea level water and everything around your boat. It can be an adventure travel experience for you.

The food of Sri Lanka is very tasty and spicy similar to Indian food. If you’re trying to learn and trying to cook, then the guys will teach you the recipes tutorial.

Hotel facilities of Sri Lanka are excellent. They are very cheap, and you can buy that particular Hotel within 1000 rupees in a day.

The Transportation system of Sri Lanka is too right, and you can travel around the Sri Lanka of within a minimum charge of transportation.

So these are the top 5 destinations where you can go within your cheapest country travel from India.

If you have any other suggestion, then please share with us in the comment box. And don’t forget to mention what it will be the different topic you want to learn about it.


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