Top 5 best places to visit in Visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam travel images
Visakhapatnam travel images

Visakhapatnam is a holy place. You can find here Top 5 best places to visit in Visakhapatnam.

Visakhapatnam is complete charming place with the coastal line.

Beaches of Visakhapatnam will love you to visit why you travelling.

If you still not decided that where you want to go to spend your summer vacation in this season. Indefinitely this article will help you to find out your best places in the summer vacation.

Visakhapatnam is the fantastic vocational destination for all the levels of Traveller. You can visit this place and find out the natural beauty with the sea coastal line and palm trees.

Visakhapatnam is also known as vizag. Visakhapatnam is the oldest port of India. It is also known as the heart of Andhra Pradesh.

The beautiful pictures and images of the beaches will attract your body and mental peace.

Here are some of the best places to visit in Visakhapatnam that will give you the great pleasure with the significant amount of the culture heritage beauty. Find out the civilization of India with the beauty of nature.

Majority of tourist are loving to visit here with the bike.

So let’s start to cover the top places to visit in Visakhapatnam:

Visakhapatnam Yarada beach

Yarada beach

Its please when you want to come to visit in India before you turn 30. Text you because it’s a complete youngest place where you come explore the speciality beauty of nature.

Among all the beaches in the city but Yatra beach is one of the best amazing places to see in Visakhapatnam. This is situated near Bay of Bengal where one side it is the magnification of Hills and mountain where another site the combination of trees will making your life beautiful.

Italian want to come who is because it’s a complete mixture of beauty and sea.

The water sports is already developed here for the tourist. You can come and explore most of the water sports activity for a day.

Water sports are the most sports of the particular place where you can explore the Visakhapatnam beauty of the sea and the beaches with the complete Nariyal Pani solution.

Yarada beach Experience

And find out the latest trending designer clothes of beaches like swimwear, swimsuit, bikini and many others summary location-based dresses for women and men both.

The colours of clothes are really great and amazing the dance is making the floor more adventurous.

The restaurants and bar of this particular place is making visakhapatnam the most amazing places to visit.

If you are looking for a holiday package then definitely you can connect with the you can book the ticket of flight by yourself from Delhi to Visakhapatnam directly within under 10000 rupees. If you have a car then definitely you can come within 15 to 16 hours journey.

Position of Visakhapatnam is completely from anus and you can visit all the places of Visakhapatnam without any hesitation via bus.

The Museum and the other parts of Visakhapatnam will give you the best experience of this place to visit as a Traveller either as a educational person.

Katiki waterfall image

Katiki waterfall

Katiki waterfall is the most beautiful waterfall of the world. it’s not the word of any Indian actually it’s the word of the most Traveller they had already visited this place.

It’s a review of most of the travelers which one already visited this place. Travel experience and the waterfall is falling from the mountain is so amazing in all over the season. That’s why this is the best place to visit in Visakhapatnam because the Visakhapatnam sightseeing is making the day phenomenonal.

The images of Visakhapatnam sightseeing of waterfall was truly amazing. The Sun rise of katiki waterfalls is making the day and sunset of katiki waterfall is is making the art more attractive and meaningful.

Katiki waterfall is best for most of the medicines are available for the pharmacy.

Video of Katiki waterfall

It is the most effective place to find out the best medicine for any cure. It’s a complete solution of nature and health. The air is so pure and you will love this place because the energy of this mountain is so high.

Once you will start the tracking on this particular waterfall. Then first you will bath and then again you will bath and then again you will bath it will recharge you again and again.

If you are a frequent Traveller then definitely this waterfall will give you the best experience of travelling without any special tool.

On the Instagram most of the click of andhra Pradesh is already related with this particular place.

In each and every summer vacation most of the couples are coming here to spend that quality time as a honeymoon. Reason is that this place is actually making the romantic scene more clear and visible in the mind.

Each and every water balls are making your mind more saturated towards the love.

This is one of the best tourist spot of Visakhapatnam where you can identify this is the best places to visit in Visakhapatnam in 2 days.

Kailasa Giri in Visakhapatnam image
Kailasa Giri in Visakhapatnam image

Kailasa Giri

According to the name this particular place is related from Lord Shiva.

A big statue of Lord shiva and Parvati is making this waterfall and place so amazing to visit this place.

It’s a holy place where everybody wants to come whenever they are feeling stress either any kind of problem in their life.

Local residents and travellers are coming here. Here a hill station located nearby where more than 360 ft of Lord Shiva statue is situated here.

This is statue is so beautiful and amazing that is actually making the tourist place so wonderful.

This is the main attraction of this particular village where Lord shiva and Parvati is smiling with the face.

It’s ideal activity and pilgrim sports destination with the thrilling adventurous place.

Reason is that you have to come here with the complete tracking exercise otherwise you will not come because no any other vehicle will be available to come here.

Definitely fua Traveller then please visit this place and find out this is the one of the best places in Visakhapatnam to travel within 3 days.

Borra Caves images
Borra Caves images

Borra Caves

This Bora caves is located on the east coast of India. Is situated at ananthagiri hill of the Visakhapatnam district in Andhra Pradesh.

This is the cave which were known as the seven wonders of India.

As we all know that Taj Mahal is the 8th wonder of world. But this place is known as the seven wonders of India because this is really special and the Beauty and the structure is completely different from others.

This is the most deepest and largest cave in India. This is the most deepest cave because the depth of this particular cave is 80 metre aur 262 feet down.

Bura cheese is already calculated across 2 square kilometres. The architecture of this particular cave is completely different and truly amazing.

That was actually the centre of film shooting of different Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

Inside the cave, mandir situated of Lord Shiva. This Mandir is very historical and memorable. Lord Shivling out is already situated here with the complete form of there formation.

That’s why this is completely beyond the science. In the scheme how this particular Mandir was came this is the big question?

This is the cave which one is actually 150 million year old cave. Archaeologist told that this is the amazing fact that this particular cave is a stable without any earthquake saturation.

You can come here and visit this place into the night also because 26 lamps was installed by the Andhra Pradesh history tourism department.

Reason of this particular place is bad this is 1400 metre above from the sea level and it’s very hard to reach out here.

The submarine museum

Visakhapatnam is the place of sea coastal line that’s why most of the summaries were installed here by government of India.

The navy and army is operating all the sea activities of Defence from here.

Actually the ins vikrant and INS Coursera is situated here in into the museum.

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