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Are you looking for best places to visit in Allahabad why you are traveling at Uttar Pradesh?


In this article we are going to talk about the top 10 best places to visit in Allahabad. Allahabad is a place of joy and education hub of Uttar Pradesh.

If you are travelling first time in Allahabad and looking for best places to travel in Allahabad. Then first you have to try the food of Allahabad and then start your travel journey.

Near medical Chauraha of Allahabad you can taste the best quality dosa or idli sambar with spicy chutney and pranchi Wada. This dosa will be a large size dosa for you because it is sufficient for one person to take a meal.

It will be a tasty food for you and the quality of dosa and idli sambar with chutney is amazing.

Your journey in Allahabad is easy and convenient because Transportation system is quick and heavy. Heavy in the sense of many vehicles you can get it from here to travel anywhere in Allahabad.

For travelling most of the auto rickshaw and buses of government are running frequently. Will have your own car either a bike then you can travel here frequently and easily to visit any place.

It’s a small town of Uttar Pradesh but the most effective cultural place of Uttar Pradesh.

1. Allahabad fort: it is a Fort situated a long period ago. Here you can see the war techniques efficient age. This place was made by Indian Asian people.

Allahabad fort was made for to protect the king and the City to safe and guard against enemies. The architecture of Allahabad fort Is a specially designed to protect and save the civilians of Allahabad.

In Allahabad fort have worship tools used by the previous King to protect there City. Right now is a part of Indian tourism. Museum of all the worship tools and many unique antiques are here.

If you will come here then the visiting charges will be onely 10 rupees. In this visit you can visit lots of architecture and the best safety patterns of the Asian Age.

In Allahabad for the best part is it is situated at the river bank of Ganga Jamuna and Saraswati. That’s why this place call does Prayag or Triveni.

Ganga and Jamuna are visible but Saraswati river is not visible. Still the religious believers believe that Saraswati river is in presence.

2. Prayag Ghat: Allahabad is world famous for their Kumbh Mela. This Kumbh Mela is situated at Prayag Ghat.

it is situated at the river bank of Ganga. The Kumbh Mela is coming in every 12 years.

A big crowd is coming every year to pray and when is there all the mistakes in River Ganga Yamuna and Saraswati. Prayag is a place where everyone try to recall there human soul and dignity.

This place is made my king of Allahabad to bath and pray. Surya Namaskar is a key part of Prayag Ghat and this procedure has been followed by long decades ago.

As per the scientific research there are many scientific values of this please if you will do Surya Namaskar at this place.

As per the record of Indian tourism Corporation, every year more than 70 lakh visitors are coming here. 17% of revenue of Allahabad is coming by tourism. Allahabad is taking 7% of total tourism of Uttar Pradesh.

While Kumbh mela will on then more than 2.5 crore tourister are coming here and visit in India. Every year more than 5000000 other states visitors visit this place.

This is one of the key and the best tourist place of India. The Heritage of world has nominated Allahabad and Varanasi as a heritage City of the world.

3. Anand Bhawan: this is a place of former Prime Minister of India Motilal Nehru. It was there grandfather’s land and they came here and created a house.

But after when he elected as a prime minister of India. He had gifted this place to Indian heritage. In Anand Bhawan more than 7000 books are available.

Nehru ji is very keen about to read books and get knowledge from different sources. Still at Anand Bhawan of Allahabad more than 73000 books are available in both (digital and physical book format).

If you want to get any knowledge then you can come here and get any book and you can choose your monthly or weekly plan.

It is situated at nearby Allahabad University. This is a heritage of India and were taken by Indian government. All the books are in museum and showcasing the English government and Indian government rules and regulation.

If you are a Hindi book lover then you can come here and read about all the Hindi language and other different language like Bengali is Urdu and others.

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