Space Record of India: Launched 104 Satellites


Indian Scientist had launched record level 104 Satellites into the space. ISRO had world record and making history.

In this launch, only 3 satellites are belonging from India and 101 Satellites are related with other worldwide countries. It was a big risk but this challenge adopted and successfully done by Indian Scientist within 3 yrs.

Before then that Russia have record to launch maximum number of satellites into the space that was only 37 satellites. But now, India cleared this mark and created a new history and this will be big challenge to other countries to resolve this.

The launch was scheduled for 09.30 local time of Indian Standard Time at the Sriharikota spaceport. This PSLV is 144 foot tall and at the top 104 individual satellites connected with this PSLV. The main goal of this launch was establish earth observing Cartosat-2 series satellite weighing 1574 into Low Earth Orbit.

In this launch, Israel, Kazakhstan, Switzerland and United Arab Emirates each one have one satellite, India has two and USA has maximum 96 number of satellites.

This project is for making fluent flexibility of mobile phones, internet and other satellite industries to grow their business.

It’s a biggest achievement of World as well as India. India is the cheapest transporter of space mission and technology solution for the world.

Needless to make known, getting 104 satellites into orbit 67 when again the previous be easy. All the satellites will be complement the same orbit, which poses a swing challenge, noted ISRO chairman A.S. Kiran Kumar in a avowal, count that will be over and ended along along as well as during the mission. Once these satellites are dispatched, they will be upon their own.

With this mission, ISRO continues to crack adjunct arena, especially in terms of its carrying out to plot and deploy low-cost missions. In 2013, the say agency sent a satellite to Mars at a cost of $73 million, which is virtually $600 million less than a same NASA mission to the Red Planet. Looking ahead, India’s heavens agency hopes to visit Jupiter and Venus.

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