Southern and North-eastern parts of India culturally difference

Southern and North-eastern parts of India culturally difference Market of India
Southern and North-eastern parts of India culturally difference

A few points before my conclusion :

  1. the south was mostly ruled by different kingdoms that coexisted and at certain times under regional hegemony
  2. sometimes the southern kingdoms formed confederacies
  3. mostly the southern kingdoms were never entirely conquered by outsiders
  4. the north east in my knowledge was somewhat similar
  5. the Chinese influence thing is not unique to parts of north-east ,even the south has traces of Chinese influence (we Indians had influenced them more than they influenced us)
  6. most of the north was united by certain kingdoms
  7. the north had been raided several times and the temples , universities , libraries , monasteries , scholars and books burned
  8. the north had been under barbarian rule and barbarian atrocities for almost 600 years
  9. the culture and society of north was considered inferior by the barbarians
  10. the barbarians destroyed a lot of valuable social infrastructure
  11. the barbarians demoralised the north
  12. the north has faced much worse feudalism for longer duration than the rest of India
  13. the deterioration under urbanisation in the north is much worse than in the rest of India
  14. Castism originated in the north
  15. the taxation system in the north under the barbarians was much worse than in the rest of India , further contributing to socio-economic degradation

now the conclusion :

  1. yes there are differences between the north and the rest , but there are differences between a rajastani and a bhojpuri person as well .
  2. each part of India has its unique features and some parts share certain features
  3. the circumstances under which the societies in different parts were moulded over the course of time are different
  4. there had been much destruction and distortion brought in by the barbarians
  5. there were differences in the government apparatii in the different parts during the long history of our civilisation
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