Shiv Vilas Resort of India

Shiv Vilas Resort of India
Shiv Vilas Resort of India

Shiv Vilas Resort of India

Shiv Vilas is a palace theme Resort located in the region of the Delhi Jaipur highway in the historic city of Jaipur, popularly known as ‘Pink City’.


The location of the Resort is totally convenient due to its easy admission by road and is just a 15 km/25 minute hope from the heart of the city. Set amidst pretty gardens behind excellent leisure and situation facilities, the Resort in the middle of the lush green Aravalli Range providing scenic views all concerning Royal experience of luxury in Jaipur.

The construction of this architectural marvel commenced in 2002 and the Resort opened its Gate to guests in October 2006. The resort provides breath-taking views right from the right to use itself. The beautiful exteriors in white transcends into a canvas for a spectacular comport yourself of buoyant during evening gone the reddish hues of dusk fade into the beauty of our illumination by night. This Royal Luxury resort is intended by an leading quickly-known architect from U.S.A. after two years of Research upon the architecture of the historic palaces and forts of Rajasthan.

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