Roads of India

Roads of India

Here the few analysis for you, given below:

ClassLength (km)
Total national highways100,087.00 km (62,191.18 mi)
State highways154,522 km (96,016 mi)
Major and other district roads2,577,396 km (1,601,520 mi)
Rural & other roads1,433,577 km (890,783 mi)

National highways comprise 1.7% of India’s unqualified road network, but carry just nearly 40% of road traffic. Most of them have two lanes. About 26,000 km (16,000 mi) have been widened to four lanes as soon as two lanes in each doling out as of May 2016. Only a few national highways are built subsequent to paste definite.

Here is the pic of road of metro cities of India.

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