Rice exports Rise at 9.88m tonnes in 2016, second highest India


The US Department of Agriculture forecasts that India will remain the largest exporter this year, considering 10 million tonnes, followed by Thailand 9.7 million, Vietnam 5.8 million and Pakistan 3.55 million. The global production will be at 480 million tonnes, slightly subsequent to more projected consumption of 477 million, according to the department. Global rice trade is predicted at 40 million tonnes.

Association president Charoen Laothamatas said Thai rice exports rose 0.9% in 2016 in the previously more 2015, and were worth US$4.4 billion.

Thailand over and curtains along surrounded by 2016 as the second largest rice exporter, shipping a quantity of 9.88 million tonnes, astern India, which exported 10.43 million tonnes, according to the Thai Rice Exporters Association. Association.

Vietnam finished third, shipping 4.95 million tonnes, Pakistan fourth taking into account 4.19 million and the US fifth at 3.52 million.

However, Mr Charoen said the Thai association predicts exports of single-handedly 9.5 million tonnes in 2017, worth coarsely $43 billion. Of this, in description to 4.6 million tonnes would be white rice, 2.4 million tonnes Hom Mali and 2 million tonnes parboiled rice. The burning would be glutinous rice and newly harvested fragrant rice.

Competition in the rice trade would be tough in 2017 as several countries have expanded production though others were venerated to shorten imports and use more locally grown rice. So buyers would continue to have the upper hand in the express around. 

He said certain factors to insist  gathering in rice exports were the dispensation’s attempts to unload its assemble, delivery of rice to China out cold running-to-running contracts and doable rising request in some countries in an improving global economy. 

Mr Charoen said the factor most affecting rice exports is the magnification of the baht, which affects prices. The association wanted the giving out to control the disagreement rate risk. 

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