9 Things You must experience in Rajasthan in 2022

9 Things You must experience in Rajasthan in 2022
9 Things You must experience in Rajasthan in 2022

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The largest state in the nation, Rajasthan, has more historical significance than all countries. Rajasthan’s literal meaning as “Land of Kings” is indeed a reason to be proud of its name, with all the beautiful palaces and forts from the beginning of time.
This is why I am bringing to you 9 things to do when you go to Rajasthan.

1. Desert Safari
Explore the sands that are yellow sparkling in the sunshine far from the bustling city. The only sound you’ll hear is the shifting dunes moving to the beat of the winds. As the sun fades slowly as it cools down, giving way to a tranquil evening, the views are amazing. You can book your desert safari on Rajasthan tour by clicking here.

A camel ride, exploring the deserts, eating some local food, and traditional dance performances from your everyday routine isn’t an ideal vacation?

2. Forts and Palaces
Rajasthan is the place where your childhood tales of princes and Princesses can be relieved with the well-maintained palaces and forts that speak out in loud voices about their incredible history.

The castles range from Lake Palace to Amber Palace, Hawa Mahal to Jai Mahal. The art concepts, architecture, and art are utterly unique. If one has a little ability to imagine, it is possible to journey back in time and catch glimpses of the way of living in the past.

3. Rajasthani Culture
India is a country that is recognized for its unique culture, where different communities are linked. In Rajasthan, you can also experience a rich and diverse folk culture that comes from the villages, and they are famous for their folk dance and music.

To some extent, the topography or landscape has played a significant influence on the current traditional practices of Rajasthan. The vibrant atmosphere of festivals and fairs, as well as the colorful costumes, will make you long to know more.

4. Rajasthani food
There is no sincerer love than the love of food.“– George Bernard Shaw.

If you are convinced, then Rajasthani food will not disappoint you. As with the culture, the people’s eating habits have been influenced due to the geography in the country.
Due to the lack of water, the absence of green vegetation, and a lack of greenery, they are predominantly known for snacks that can be kept.

They also use a lot of milk and products to decrease water consumption, making it a vegetarian delight. The way they prepare meat is also a bit different from the world.

5. Heritage Hotels
Experience the authentic experience of Rajasthan’s rich tradition and culture by staying in one of those luxurious historic hotels in Rajasthan. The palaces and forts once fortified and converted into heritage hotels are still thriving in a royal atmosphere.

You will experience the blend of modern facilities that are well mingled with traditional traditions with a hint of luxury. The unbeatable hospitality will bring your dreams of living the lifestyle of a Prince or Princess become a reality.

6. Festivals of Rajasthan
The biggest state in India is known for its rich heritage and culture. Indeed it has many more things to offer in the way of festivals. The vibrant essence of the country is evident in its celebrations.

It’s not often that you see camel races, turban tying competitions, or bullfights: elephant polo and many others. The festivals allow you to participate in the beautiful Rajasthani tradition and bring home with you the best memories.

7. Pushkar Fair
One of the many festivals and fairs, which are celebrated across Rajasthan, Pushkar is indeed very well-known. A five-day livestock and camel fair among the biggest camel fairs around worldwide, Pushkar has attracted visitors from all over the globe.

There is more than just the chance to see the trade of livestock but also contests like”the matka phone,” “longest mustache,” and “bridal competition.” The vibrant, festive atmosphere that is at the Pushkar Fair is sure to inspire you to begin planning your next journey towards Rajasthan, India, right away.
However, be aware that in case you’re not attracted by the chaos, This may not be the best spot for you.

8. Wildlife
Due to the beauty of the area, it is difficult to imagine anything other than camels that are located in the region of the ‘Golden Sands.’ However, despite the limited vegetation, Rajasthan is a habitat for a variety of animals and birds.

The semi-green forest, deciduous forest, and wetland have provided the perfect habitat for diverse animals and plants. It has also protected numerous endangered species, with tigers being just one of them.

9. Shopping
Due to its rich cultural background, Rajasthan is well celebrated as a shopping destination. It is the case with pottery, jewelry and leather goods or paintings, textiles and stone products, wooden furniture, or sarees; the amazing craftsmanship and artistry are just amazing. The
artistic zeal that pervades every tiny piece of work is what draws people to the market with bright and vibrant souvenirs that are on display.
If you bring your souvenir home, it is not just a way to keep it to keep as a memory of your trip, but also carry an artwork to take home.

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