Pm shinzo abe will start bullet train project of India

Pm shinzo abe will start bullet train project of India
Pm shinzo abe will start bullet train project of India

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will initiate the process of bullet train project of India.

It is a good news and initiative has been taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. As per the PMO office, PM Shinzo Abe will be the person who will start the project of the bullet train in India.

It is bullet train project of India in between Mumbai to Ahmedabad railway line. The government of India is expecting that it will complete till August 2022.

If it starts at that particular time, then it will be the great achievement of Indian Railway Technology. Japanese engineers will do this project.

Marine Drive mumbai visit
Marine Drive mumbai visit

Make in India project

But all the method will be applied by make in India project. It is great news for all the travelers to India.

Because if you want to travel in between Mumbai to Ahmedabad, then it will take at least 8 hours to reach. But after that bullet train project of India will accomplish.

Then the timing between Mumbai to Ahmedabad traveling will be 90 minutes.

It means bullet train project of India will run at the speed of 350 km per hour. In this case, it will be the significant achievement in Indian Railways.

But more than that it will enhance and boost the Indian economy. We all know that Indian trains are taking too much time to travel.

In India, if you want to go and reach fast then you have to take Airlines. And actually, this is the truth of all the countries.

But now trains are high-speed and comfortable in compared to airline services.

Railways of Rameshwaram
Railways of India

Significant for every citizen

So in that same context, this bullet train project of India is significant for every citizen. It will connect metro cities much faster than ever.

The approximate distance between Mumbai to Ahmedabad bullet train project will be 650 km.

And it will take at least five years to complete. After that, the next project in between Mumbai to Delhi Bullet train project will start. And the next Delhi to Kolkata and Kolkata to Chennai bullet train route project will start.

It is diamond road net worth of Railways. We all hope that it will complete as soon as possible and I start to run.

The price of bullet train will be nearby 1100 rupees on par coaches and track.

It is the short information regarding bullet train project in India very soon we will update you other information. Thanks.

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