Odisha – A State of Eastern India

Odisha - A State of Eastern India
Odisha - A State of Eastern India

Odisha is a state of India, Odisha is the new name of Orissa. Odisha is a land on the bay of bengal, it is also known for it’s tribal culture.

Now the question, What is tribal culture?

When we are talking about tribal culture then a tribe is known as who viewed and developed form long period or their name had become in the past history. When we talking about, tribal culture of India then Odisha culture had been shown their social group existing values before then development of other states of India.

Tribal culture, where a group of people combine and taking care of each other and their home will be their own livelihood or motherland. They all are or community is dependent on natural resources for food, clothes and other daily routine life.

tribal culture
tribal culture

What attracts tourist to watch Odisha for tourism?

The main attraction of Odisha is, their own many ancient Hindu temples. The temples of Odisha is very big and giving ancient age look and feel. The art of temples had been created by ancient people. The art of Hindu lords and presentation of faith into the love and piece here is very emotional.

What attracts tourist to watch Odisha for tourism?
What attracts tourist to watch Odisha for tourism?

What is the capital of Odisha?

The capital of Odisha is Bhubaneswar. When we are talking about Bhubaneswar then here hundreds of temples. In other words we can say that Bhubaneswar is the home of temples of India. The beauty of Bhubaneswar is great and it can’t be define in one word or one post or one life. You have be their to watch that.

What is the main economy of Odisha?

The main ecosystem or finance has been run by tourism and the attraction of Orissa is their temples. The oldest temples of this place is Mukteshvara Mandir or temple, this temple was dating to the 11th century. Odisha had developed a state museum who is focused on the history and environment of India.

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