National Sports And Fitness Month Celebration In India

National Sports And Fitness
National Sports And Fitness

Health is wealth. In India, This is the key sentence who has been used form ancient ages. Sports And Fitness is performed in India for a long time in the form of Yoga.

Baba Ramdev and many more inference are using this Sports And Fitness activity for Indians for long period.

According to a leading sports scholar Boria Majumdar, Indian athletes who have achieved international decree in any form of sports are exceptions and that it has tiny to argument taking into account the country’s sports program. India does not inherently possess a sporting culture. Despite a lack of sporting culture, there are numerous startups that are targeting the industry and are customary to make waves this year.

Sports Tech Startups
Sports Tech Startups

Sports Tech Startups

Athletto is a startup that offers make aware virtually sports facilities. It has photographs, coach information, prices, timings, entre details, ratings and reviews. For adroitness owners, this sports platform is a matter app and dashboard to previously the owner control listing, booking, connection, coaching services and resolution analytics solutions. The startup is helping sports and fitness centers owners to recommend their facilities remotely from any pension of the world. Last year, it was commemorated at the India Sports Awards organized by FICCI for outstanding effort to bolster sports accompanied by the masses. Athletto has been chosen by Facebook for its FbStart program, and successfully raised $40,000 from the social media giant.

According to Manish Agarwal, CEO of the largest publisher of mobile games in India, Nazara Technologies, soccer, baseball and football dominate in mobile sports games globally. But for India, cricket is the focus place and the company is looking at cricket as a exaggeration opportunity. In 2016, Nazara had clocked 35 million visitors. It is looking to tap celebrity gift and has plans to go public in 2018, by gone it aims to achieve a approach of $100 million in revenues.

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