Nagaland Beauty (an adorable little girl)


Nagaland is a tourism place to visit of India. Here, we were creating a documentary film.

The people of Nagaland is friendly and most of the nagaland adivasi who have called as bihu is supporting.

Here we were meet with, An old lady (women) stops by my spot, carrying an adorable little girl wrapped in a shawl on her back.

She is holding, Nagaland beauty at the border with Indian culture with fine dress sense.

She curiously asks me where I’m from and what I’m doing away from the market of Kaza, that is always bustling at this hour of the evening.

Nagaland girls are shy and very beautiful, they are free to express their voice in compare to pakistan and other muslim countries.

She smiles when I tell her that I love this green isolation, and invites me to walk with her to her little garden.

I am surprised; a garden in this cold mountain desert is unfathomable!

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