Murshidabad – best places to visit in West Bengal

Murshidabad tourism
Murshidabad tourism

Murshidabad tourism

In this article, we are going to explore Murshidabad. If you are a frequent Traveller, then we are going to explore the best places to visit in Murshidabad West Bengal.

West Bengal is the place of joy. Murshidabad tourism is so famous because this please is famous for their culture, architecture, civilization, and beauty.

best places to visit in Murshidabad
best places to visit in Murshidabad

As we all know that West Bengal is famous for these sweets and their girl’s beauty.

But in this article, we are going to explore more than that let’s start.

What is the history of Murshidabad about?

history of Murshidabad
history of Murshidabad

If you want to travel then definitely you want to know about the history of the place.

Murshidabad is a place which one created by emperor Aurangzeb.

Emperor Aurangzeb sent his Diwan and told him that get the collection of the revenue. But during that time the Diwan loved this place and created this place name as Murshidabad.

The story behind the creation of this places impressive. When the emperor became delighted with khan forest performance, and he gave the name Murshid Quli Khan.

Murshid Ali Khan this place was nominated as Murshidabad. Time of Mughal sultanate this place is very famous for their rand bazar.

How can we identify the Murshidabad location?

Murshidabad location
Murshidabad location

Murshidabad is the northern part of West Bengal. It is located at Northern Eastern Boundary of West Bengal.

Murshidabad is located on the river of Ganga valley. The total area of this district is more than 5500 square kilometer.

And the total population of this place is more than 71 lakh. This place is divided into five subdivisions and 26 blocks.

Nawab Mir Zafar was the last emperor of this place. After that, this place was free and open for everyone.

What are the key features of Murshidabad?

The beautiful architecture and buildings are the best factor in this place. If you are a Traveller and you want to know about the history of the culture and the civilization.

Then you must have to come here and explore this place. The architecture of this place is attracting the travelers. It is the crucial point of Murshidabad tourism.

What are the key places to visit in Murshidabad?

1. Nizamat Imambara

Nizamat Imambara
Nizamat Imambara

This is the most famous Nizam Mansoor Ali Khan Maqbara and masjid.

This place was created in 1847. The stunning architecture of this place and Imambara is beautifully created by Siraj-ul-Daula.

If you are related to Humayun, and you are Islamic religion lover. Then definitely the architecture of this Islamic place will attract you.

2. Shopping

Musheerabad is very popular for the handicraft products. Places Are the manufacturer of India of handicraft products.

So if you’re coming to India then definitely you can buy the handicraft product of this place.

The products are created by their hand and with the help of bamboos and some other ingredients.

The beauty of this particular product is it’s entirely handmade and effort full creation of the imagination,

These products are so reliable and useful in daily life. You can take these products they are very lightweight. These are very easy to use. Once you will buy this product and you’re using them, again and again, you will love this thing to buy.

Musheerabad is also famous for their sarees. Murshidabad is also working for their handcrafted sarees.

The sarees of Musheerabad is selling all over the country. The beauty of the sarees is too cheap and too reliable to use.

3. Wasif Manzil

It was built by Nawab Asif Ali Mirza Khan. This place is not away from the city of the central.

Wasif Manzil is the beautiful place. The architecture of this place and the decoration is amazing.

If you come here, then you will think, and it will remind you the feeling of Kings and nawabs.

The Civilization & cultural values are maintained.

4. Madina


Yes, Mecca Madina situated at Saudi Arabia. Madina located in Murshidabad.

Madina is away from 1 km of the city. So you are traveling here in West Bengal then definitely this place you have to go and visit.

It is a small Mosque you between the palace and Imambara. People are coming and praying.

This place is a replication of Hazrat Muhammad Tomb of Madina.

5. Moti Jheel

Motijheel is a lake of this place. Lots of Travellers are coming here and spending the time to take the rest and get some peaceful mind.

This place is situated away from the 2 kilometers of the city. If you spend your time here, then you will get the best outcomes.

The nawabs and sons are coming here. They were spending the time with their lovers and wife.

It is the symbol of love and affection and the attraction of nature.

6. Murshidabad district museum

This the only one Museum of Murshidabad.

In this Museum lots of Emperors and nawabs there memories products.

It started in 1965. After 20 years it has completed and finally operation in 1985.

This Museum donated by late Rai Bahadur Surendra Narayan Singh. This place is also famous for their Beauty And The architecture values.

If you come here, then you can see the historical values of Murshidabad and West Bengal.

It is the symbol of Indian culture and Civilisation and the freedom fighter hardcore spirit.

These are the few lines that associated with West Bengal.

If you are a frequent Traveller and you are going towards Murshidabad of West Bengal.

Then this article will help you to explore this place and understood.

If you had gone here and you want to share some pictures with us, then please comment at and explode the images with us.

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Our mission is to boost up and give you the best experience and knowledge of Indian traveling tourism interest solution.

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