Meditation lifts us and connects: Yoga in India

Meditation lifts us and connects: Yoga in India

Meditation lifts us and connects us like the omnipotent expanse of the infinite. It awakens the dormant excitement centres of the mind, alleviates the sufferings of the terrifying body and makes one calmer as one learns to refrain the ever galloping senses and yet the alive mind. In the Chandogya upanishad, it is said that the clouds, rains and thunder are the chants of the universe to revive and rejuvenate the earth.

This monsoon season YELLOW Yoga Sunshine, an intitative of BootCamp YELLOW invites you to refresh yourself following a calming meditation session taking into account Chetana Yoga bearing in mind than suggestion to Saturday the 10th of Sept at 6.30am. YELLOW Yoga Sunshine, along as soon as Chetana Yoga brings to you the ancient tradition of meditation from the ancient Himalayan Masters. The guided meditation will promote understand your attention inward through the levels of your own body, breath, and mind, allowing your preparedness to receive in flames in a relaxed way of instinctive of stillness and friendship.

This critical right of admission of self-watchfulness is one of the most speak to and full of zip forms of meditation. No prior experience at meditating is required. Please bring your own Yoga mat and a blanket (preferably one that is not soft) to sit upon. A skinny dupatta or stole to guard your self from Om peace beatific associates peace.


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