Make India a better place with Road railway airlines – union budget 2018 for tour and travel industry

Make India a better place with Road railway airlines - Union Budget 2018 for tour and travel industry
Make India a better place with Road railway airlines - Union Budget 2018 for tour and travel industry

Make India a better place with Road railway airlines

How can Union budget 2018 is beneficial for tour and travel industry of India?

These are the general questions asked on various travel forums by the users of India.

Now in this article, we are going to talk about road railway Airlines affected the decision of this union budget 2018 of India.

Union budget 2018 had released first Feb 2018. In this budget, the government had given for tour and travel industry and mostly for rural and Agriculture India.

9000 km India road transportation service union budget
9000 km India road transportation service union budget

9000 km Indian road transportation service

The road trips to India is now getting more exciting. The government has given a healthy budget for road construction.

The Indian government will go to create more than 9000 km of road network. It will give them more flexibility to travel and enjoy the best Road trips to India while traveling.

It will boost up the economy and make the country much efficiently to work on the transportation service.

Going to create 9000 km Highways network was a great initiative and robust and adequate support for transportation industry with tour and travel market.

India will create more than 9000 km in highway road network. 3 lakh government jobs will be available in upcoming next year.

Government Had allocated the budget for road transportation and Highway network creation. The help of that most of the lines of Jammu and Kashmir will be easier to connect, and it can create flexibility to connect Jammu and Kashmir with another world of India.

Other rural areas will also benefit with the help of this highway road network & Transportation system. If the Highways go from that rural area, then the economy of that village will boost immediately accordingly with the agriculture boost up.

Travel India with road transportation and Highway network creation
Travel India with road transportation and Highway network creation

In the previous time, root creation system was 5 km per day. No government has deployed the tremendous efficient tools to create better Highways system and quality efficient machinery. Now India is growing much faster and building the best Highway networks at the rate of 20 km per day Road network of the world.

  • The road network connectivity is giving rural areas to connect with other world and provide the economic boost of every single Indian.
  • It will directly increase the travel India concept. By connecting with the root, rural areas will grow much faster than ever.
  • Chain supply and the markets will connect with other states and other rural areas.

Directly increase the farmer’s income and the growth and sustainability.

Pradhan Mantri Gramin Sadak Yojana
Pradhan Mantri Gramin Sadak Yojana

Now Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana is available for every citizen of India.

If the growth rate is @ 20 kilometers per day then probably well connectivity and information technology will create an impact on the economy of the world.

India will be the most efficient placement of the world to live.

Padega India Tabhi to bodega India. It was the concept of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Arun Jaitley bye Modi government.

But now they are coming with new fundamentals, and they are trying to say that gaon Se Judega India Kabhi Toh Badhega India.

It is a very brilliant concept does by Modi Government, and it will be the excellent slogan for the next upcoming election of 2019.

The primary focus of government is now in the rural areas because most of the economy and The villages are living in rural areas of India.

If the economy Of rural India will boost then definitely India will be the highest economy in the world.

Pradhan Mantri Gramin Sadak Yojana will reach all the single points of village areas across the forest of India.

Safety of Railways
Safety of Railways

Safety of Railways

This union budget 2018, rail budget is in the total Union budget of 2018 of India.

It was the first time after 92 years when Railway budget and union budget are the same.

Now government had given the complete focus on the safety of Railways rather than other enhancement.

Everyone knows that every year more than 30 accidents of Railways are happening. Why Indian government had given most of the focus on Railway budget for the safety purpose.

More than 2000 human Crossings of Railway will be updated and upgraded by the automated system.

As per the data of Railways every year more than peoples held killed because of the human crossing of Railway.

Earphone listening or headphones are the other for the accidents on Railway.

By implementing the safety features of the railway, traveling will be more convenient.

The Indian government had given lots of approved for the tour and travel industry to boost up via Indian Railways.

The Indian government will go to announce every single air more than 300 exhibitions of Indian Railway.

It will increase the Awareness of Indian Railway contribution for the economy of India and the travel industry.

The recent case of Indian Railways derailment had gone up towards. That’s why I in this union budget 2018 Arun Jaitley has given rupees 1.48 lakh crore rupees for Indian Railways security and safety.

The Indian government primary focus was Indian Railway safety features to improve.

As per the government budget, in Bangalore city, more than 160 km of the railway network is under development more than 17000 + crore rupees. It will boost the network of Indian Railways and reach towards all across India.

Mumbai local
Mumbai local

In Mumbai local, the government is trying to double track for all the existing Metro railways infrastructure. Mumbai local have the main problem most of the passengers but less number of trains.

The crowd of Mumbai local is too high in comparison to other cities of India. If you are a frequent traveler of Mumbai local. Then you had must feast that problem across in your Mumbai local journey.

In Mumbai local, most of the places are too densely occupied by the previous passenger which one is serving their companies on routine based.

In this case, if you are not a frequent Traveller and new face of Mumbai local for the first time then you will face lots of challenges while you will traveling with Mumbai local.

It was a good initiative taken by the Indian government to improve the numbers of rain in Mumbai local and making the double root visibility for all Indian Railway works of Mumbai.

In Mumbai, 90 km train tracks are now getting ready within current infrastructure of Indian Railways.

Arun Jaitley had also added 11000 + crore rupees for other Railway structure of Mumbai and Maharashtra.

At the cost of 14000 crore rupees, additional networks of Mumbai Railways with the western line is getting into the line.

As per the communication of railway minister Piyush Goyal. He told that 600 + primary railway station across the country we are going to redevelop railway stations with the help of Indian railway station Development Corporation Limited.

Which authority will improve all the station with more than 25000 frequent Travellers every day? Indian railway station Development Corporation Limited will also go to implement Wi-Fi availability and escalators for all the others 25000 + people strength railway station

Indian Railway is also going to implement CCTV cameras in all over the station of India improve the safety feature.

Explore India Airports are the main priority
Explore India Airports are the main priority

Airports are the main priority.

In this budget of 2018 Indian government had given lots of money towards air connectivity to improve.

The Udan scheme, which one called Uday Desh Ka Aam Nagrik. With the help of Udan scheme, the Indian government is looking for giving the chance to travel everyone with Airlines facilities.

As per the communication of air ministry, they told that they are looking forward to it and they are trying to give fast and reliable facilities to all the Indians when we are trying to will travel across India.

Tour and travel industry of India is based on air connectivity across the world. Most of the traveler’s help of airline connectivity.

That’s why Indian government is giving lots of budget in this Udaan scheme to improve air connectivity of India.

Air travel sector head God 56 and reserve airport and 31 helipads will be active within few next three month.

Other 16 unreserved of Airports will be operating in this last year.

By the Prime Minister scheme, Udaan scheme had to see more than 1000 + crore rupees.

Directorate General of Civil Aviation which one called DGCA. He had told us that Bureau of Civil Aviation security more than 210 crore rupees to prove the features of air travel.

It will go directly who’s the Air India sale and connectivity towards the rural areas of India.

As a Traveller, a quotation will be much faster in compared to Indian Railways and other mediums.

India is not ranking on the highest peak for the air travel physical connectivity.

Airlines facilities like SpiceJet, Jet Airways, Air India, indigo, air Asia, goAir when Vistara will be get benefited for it.

All the CEO’s of airlines company told that it was an excellent experiment and initiative taken by the Indian government in this budget 2018.

Conclusion Of this complete budget

Tour and travel industry will get benefited from this budget in this season.

For example, if the road connectivity will improve then Road trips will be more exciting for the travelers and Riders.

Better air connectivity will increase the frequency of foreign tourist. It will also boost the tourism of India.

The reliable safety features of Indian Railway will create the better travel experience for the travelers.

The overall budget is looking good and complete for the Travellers and tourism industry. Mini travel agents told that it was one of the best travel industry tour budgets in all over the time of Indian budget.

We hope that it will work for everyone and all.

If you are a frequent Traveller in India, then this is good news for you for upcoming future to explore more places to visit.

To know about best and popular visiting places of India. Read our previous blogs to conclude and get the better education before traveling.

Thanks for connecting!

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