Kerala tourism – Coconut, Boats, Trees, Black Pepper, Mountains and Waterfalls, You Love

Kerala Tourism Culture of India state of india
Kerala Tourism Culture of India state of india

Travelling is a new era of India. Kerala tourism is one of the most travelling destination of India.

As per the data, at Kerala more than 200000 + tourist visited at last year 2016. The beauty of Kerala and the piece of church are great. Nature surroundings and valleys of boats making Kerala as the hottest nation of India.

The best food of Kerala is coconut. All kind of foods, oils, and vegetables are related with coconut.

Secondary source of Kerala, hunting fishes and seafood. The piece of Kerala and coconut trees making the very beautiful.

Kerala Travel Packages
Kerala Travel Packages

In Kerala, hospitality level is at the next zone. If you are coming here and book the hotel. Then definitely you are getting the best hospitality. Body massage and Spa is the main functionality of hospitality. Quality of food is good. And human beings are friendly.

Now let’s talk about the history of Kerala, in ancient age. Kerala was known as the biggest supplier of spices.

Most of the spices are related with black pepper. For your knowledge black paper is very good for health. And especially it works for digestion system of human beings. In India when Englishman come, and make India as their own. The East India company has started business of black paper. They are getting all the black papers from here and then supply back to United Kingdom. The quality of black paper was that time extraordinary. Right now all the supply black paper is going from Kerala. That is the most important resources of this place. It’s all about the resources of this place.

Black pepper of Kerala
Black pepper of Kerala

But if you want to come here and try to travel then you can find lots of adivasi places where Naga Sadhu. And priest of temple leaving right at this place.

This is that this place is pure from the outer side of the world. The story of ramayana is belong from here. As per the story of Ramayana, the sister of Ravan located here. War of Ramayan told that this place was truly pure till now. Lots of Srilankan guys are belonging from here.

Kela is one of the most educated state of india. The police in system of Kerala is the best in compared to other state. Right here the police of Kela is working in to the three shift. They all are working for 8 hours not more than that. While other parts of country, where other parts of country, police are working par 24 hour duty. That’s why the quality of police his higher.

kerala honeymoon packages
kerala honeymoon packages

If you are planning for honeymoon or wedding. Then you must have to come here to live your life. This is the most romantic place in all over the Earth. The valleys of Kerala Tourism making beautiful scenario for the travelers. The hospitality and the Beauty of Kerala tourism at the top.

Don’t forget to travel why you are travelling in India. If, you are an Indian then definitely you have to touch this place. Thanks for subscribing!

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