Jai Kanahiya Laal Ki Hathi Goda Paal Ki

Jai Kanahiya Laal Ki Hathi Goda Paal Ki

Thus, in His bearing in mind-door incarnation Sri Ram became Sri Krishna and the hunter(Jara) who killed Sri Krishna was none auxiliary than Angad himself. The Lord was reposing asleep the tree once His feet crossed. The hunter from far away afar proverb the feet opposed to and thought it was a deer and for that reason he pulled the arrow.

In Indian epic poetry, Vasudeva is the father of Krishna, the son of Shurasena, of the Yadu and Vrishni dynasties. He was brother of a cowherds tribe chieftan Nanda Baba who was encourage father of Lord Krishna. His sister Kunti was married to Pandu.


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