Is time travel possible in India – A time travel theory

Is time travel possible in India
Is time travel possible in India

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If, you’re looking for travelling across India. Then ready for a time travel theory to follow.
‘Is time travel possible’ in current world? Yes, when you’re in India then sure. You will see, how India came up form the era of ancient age. Now! Shining India is going and travel to India is dream for travelers.

Is time travel possible

Because, India learned from their past experiences and grown up. Now, Goa is top destination to travel India. Mumbai is the best place for economy or business into the world.
Is time travel possible to someone else then learn form India. A complete, time travel theory has been followed by Indians. They are one of the biggest marketplace and economy. But, they are related with their roots, culture.
Hindu civilization of India is a fine example of time travel. In India, Pujari of Hindu goddess are praying and believe in god.
India believe that their technology is a gift of their grand-father. It’s a chain of time travel. Yes, time travel theory is working and live.
Varanasi is a holy place of India. Here, lot’s of ancient places and mandir for prayer. Huge number of praying spot just like japa koyto city.
They believe that god is showing us the path but finally. Human race have to accept it and follow on it.
Scientist Theory about Time Travel
Albert enstine has given the rule. Yes, it’s possible that anybody can travel in time. But for this, human body have to travel at the speed of 3,00,000 km/hr. It’s not possible to get for now. But in future, no one can say that it’s impossible. So, for the mean time yes, time travel is possible. If any how anybody get this.
Then that thing or person can travel. That’s why, Indian people say that their gods are travel in time. Who knows about this? It’s a secrete.
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