Indian Tadka at Nagpur

Indian Tadka at Nagpur
Indian Tadka at Nagpur

Indian Tadka at Nagpur

{The knowledge|The feeling|The ability} in India would help not only in understanding the culture, traditions, life style, problems, but also in introspecting and {evaluating|contrasting|assessing} for leading future life as global family. The word of hunger, {low income|lower income|thankfully}, which is prevalent in every {section of the|area of the|portion of the} world, may be different. However to face them and make efforts to overcome {the issues|the difficulties|the down sides} may be different. The effective one can be projected {within our|inside our} own country. Dusan Spenser Murray from USA made an important comment during an {conversation|connection|discussion} with the media {people|folks} here on Saturday.

{Below|Beneath|Underneath} the Rotary Youth Exchange programme, 14 students of higher secondary schools, between 16 and 19 years of age, were {posting|writing|showing} their experience, throughout their orientation programme. Although {almost all of} them {in the beginning|primarily} talked about the helping nature of the Indian people, the food they liked, the recent festival of ‘Shrikrishna Janmashtami’ and Independence {Day time|Time|Working day}, they observed and the India families they are living with, they {opened|became available|made available} {a lttle bit|somewhat} after some time.

The only bitter experience common for {almost all of} them was initial stomach {raise red flags to|distress|defeat}, which is not {uncommon|unconventional|strange}. The 14 students {taking part|engaging} in the Rotary Exchange programme are from UNITED STATES, France, Belgium, Spain, {Philippines|Australia|Indonesia} and Italy. They are places with families in Nagpur, Nashik and Jalgaon. The five students in Nagpur have been {accepted|publicly stated|confessed} to Hislop College to continue with their studies at Std XI. Dusan also wanted to learn Abacus, Mehendi, Warli {piece of art|art work|portrait} and would like to acquire certificate in {Yoga exercise|Yoga exercises|Pilates}, in order to guide others in USA.

The participants, besides formal education are expected to {sign up for|become a member of} two hobby classes. Sitar and Tabla have {drawn|captivated|fascinated} {a lot of them|a few of them|some}. Some others would like to learn Katthak and Dandia dance. {They will|That they} may have started learning a few words in Marathi and Hindi {vocabulary|terminology|dialect} and are being focused here for their {10|five|eight} month-long stay in India. They will be {used|considered} to south and {far eastern|asian|east} parts of the country in November and {north west|south west} and west in January, for understanding diversity of culture and language in India. Flora Prost from France loved spicy {American indian|Native american indian|Native american} food and also {frequented|went to|stopped at} a destitute home in Nashik. Belgian De Buysscher Amaury too liked the spicy food of Nashik. Many of them could recall the names of Indian dishes including ‘Dosa’, ‘Chapati’ and ‘Puranpoli’.

{None of them|Nothing|Zero} {of those|of such|of the} countries play crickinfo and are not aware of any Indian {celebrity|superstar|legend} in cricket including Sachin Tendulkar. Only one could knew Azhar, as {the girl|the lady|your woman} had watched film on his life. Rotarian Tarun Patel, Mamta Jaiswal and Rajinder Khurana are {managing|controlling} the programme during the interaction with media {people|folks} Tarun Patel acted as fecilitator. Patel also {explained} that the screening for Indian students under the programme will be conducted soon. Those interested may contact any of the Rotary Clubs for further information. Those selected are ambassadors of the {country|region|land}, for understanding international culture and spreading the {concept|communication|meaning} of world peace and harmony.


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