India silicon valley – Bengaluru giving Cheapest Engineers to World

India silicon valley
India silicon valley

Bengaluru is India silicon valley. It’s giving cheapest Engineers to World. India silicon valley making biggest startup boost up.

India is a hub of best Information Technology (IT) engineers. Current CEO’s like Sattya Nadela, Sundar Picchai are related from Google, Microsoft. India silicon valley is giving best value for all IT companies. Across the world, Indian engineers are 13 times cheapest in compare to USA.

Difference between USA & India

Working cost of ‘India silicon valley’ and USA Silicon valley are different. As per compare,  USA silicon valley engineers getting higher salaries. But India is cheap and effective country into the world. While, India is biggest market into the world.  Because, consumption of India is higher in compare to others. Now! Indian Internet users across 80 million. That’s why, India silicon valley is giving best and cheap value for IT Industry.

Indian Engineers are Talented

India silicon valley, Bengaluru have now largest number of make in India project. As startup, India is the biggest place. Effective talent and cheap value, making boost. Information technology is now key of technology. Because, Indian scientist are working on the capital on best solution for users. While, Fivver website, most of freelancer engineers are working on this site. So, It proves that Indian engineers are best into the world.

isro Indian Engineers
isro Indian Engineers

Why, Trump afraid by Indian Engineers?

But, As per Donald Trump (President of America) in their political campaign. So, they called ban on outsider engineers. But the reason of this was, Indian works are talented and cheapest. That’s why, Indian engineers getting best opportunity and quick joining. However, In compare to others, India’s Make In India campaign is making boost like china.

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