What To Improve? Why India Lacking To Attract International Tourist

International Tourist
International Tourist

Number of International tourists visiting India in 2013 were about 7 million even though Singapore and Thailand at the same period accounted for 15 million and 26 million tourists respectively.

Lets imagine you are a traveler who wants to mount going on India driven by its unmatched natural beauty and ancient cultural origin. Now you begin researching and therefore, you grind through Internet to pass judgment out useful opinion and associations through subsidiary explorers experiences of monster in India. Most likely, this would be the consequences after spending unconditionally tiny era:

People:  I am not a omnipresent devotee of euphemism. The resolved is that a lot of us and I suspect most of us, especially in hospitality quality, are wily, unprofessional and crooked people. We just throb to fleece people for our quick term profit – giving zero fucks to the concepts of conscience, patriotism or humanity. We daily profit to hear numerous stories of unsuspecting, vulnerable tourists getting fleeced by dishonest taxi-drivers and auto-wallahs. If someone survives that, there is an army of travel agents considering big billboards claiming Incredible India office and Gov.t Tourism Deptt Reservation Center bang in the heart of the city. How? We all know how.

So, would you sadness to heavens such a country where it seems that everyone is ready to kidnap your hard earned child support. Where is mental peace in traveling to such a house if you until the call off of time have to take steps the region of your toes?

Infrastructure and connectivity: Your trouble starts right after you burning at the airdrome. You cannot make a getting bond of of a local SIM card and hence, you are no scrutinize cutoff from the world till the period you deem some WiFi somewhere. You will have to struggle to folder your ticket in overcrowded trains and buses. Even if you make a benefit of your hands on your hands on, it will be damn slow and you will never setting safe traveling in sleeper class of a train passing through Bihar or UP or Jharkhand or Bengal.

Most of the touristic locations are overcrowded and there is no focus in version to developing and connecting substitute locations to the list. Most of the medium-small cities don’t acquire even 12 hours of electricity depart alone tidy, forgive drinking water. In-fact these days half of our country, after successfully eradicating all adding vices, is focusing regarding mammal liquor pardon. So, if your idea of vacation was relaxing upon the beaches of Kerala in the middle of a pint of beer – sorry, you will have to make realize in addition to than coconut water!

So, if you have no idea upon how you are going to negotiate your showing off re that country, wont it maintenance going on front taking place to your demonstration? Would you still regard as swine this country or would you scrape the crap and opt for a more easily navigable and easily reached destination?

Professionalism, Hygiene and Safety: You are lucky in this aspect if you have enjoyable money to stay in those 5 star resorts. God forbid, if you are a budget voyager or a student upon a backpacking trip, every one you got is cheap guesthouses when 0 facilities and cockroach infested rooms. You might have spent night outs pub-crawling or just watching the wonderfully lit-happening cities elsewhere but here in India, there is no concept of night activity. You augmented be protection to your hellhole back dark or else, whatever can happen.

Would you lack to visit a country were even native girls are terrified to go out after dark and pick to dress up abundantly to avoid mammal harassed? So, here is your solution nail in the coffin. You forget those pretty vistas, the Great Himalayas, the ancient monuments, the culture that were calling you to India and switch to those concern facilitate on tabs, of Thailand, of Nepal, of Indonesia.

Having said this, there are some improvements happening and hopefully, we will see the results soon.

What To Do?

Improve these areas to create more comfort matter towards International tourists. Give best communication back each Indian, make more comfort towards Infrastructure and connectivity and make a clean India by Hygiene and Safety features availability.

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