Hyperloop train project in India while bullet train is coming

high speed tube tunnel in india by hyperloop mumbai to new delhi within 80 mins
high speed tube tunnel in india by hyperloop mumbai to new delhi within 80 mins

Hi friends, Hyperloop train project, is coming in India. This news is coming on the day. Bullet train project started by PM Modi and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo abe at Ahmadabad.

It is good news for every Indian that India has selected as a country of Hyperloop project.

Niti Aayog CEO appreciated the project of Hyperloop train project in India. India is the fastest economy in the world. That’s why India’s looking for the fastest technology of transportation.

Hindi series India had started the bullet train project in 2017. Now India has got another project that was known as Hyperloop train project.

Hyperloop train project in India - Bullet trains
Hyperloop train project in India – Bullet trains

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Latest technology of Railways

The beauty of this train is no electricity required. Its latest technology of Railways.

The train will run in the vacuum tube with 1200 km per hour speed.

So it means if you want to travel via Mumbai to Chennai. Then time will decrease within 63 minutes.

The current time duration between Mumbai to Chennai by train is 6 hour 36 minutes.

As a result, the business of Mumbai to Chennai will multiply six times. It is good news for the Indian economy. Most of the revenue is coming from Mumbai to Chennai.

The Westin area of India and the South area of India is the most stable economic background.

Most of the business Street is coming through these 2 zones.

Hyperloop project is a dream project of Tesla and United State of America business company. They are looking for a beneficial option of transportation.

The concept of the vacuum tube

The Hyperloop technology is the concept of the vacuum tube. In this Railway Technology, the train will run in a vacuum tube, and the force will apply by Gravity.

In addition, The gravity is the key resource or fuel of this train.

It will be completely inbound coaches. And the services will be better than Airways.

You want to travel via Chennai to Mumbai Airlines. Then the current travel time duration is 1 hour 50 minutes.

It means Hyperloop train travel experience will be faster than Airlines.

Matheran train travel
Train travel

But the current speed of Hyperloop trains is 350 km per hour. They are very sure about 1200 km per hour speed because this is there testing phase.

They are looking for different countries and trying to make this as a travel business.

Travel experience

Therefore Industry in all the luxury and food system will be available. But the user cannot experience outer space or ground level.

The coaches of the train will be covered & close. And the coaches will be in the form of the capsule.

Everyone is looking for this project because this is the biggest change of traveling experience.

Time is money, so that’s why this is beneficial for Businessman and ordinary people.

Especially relevant next blog topic will be on fashion experience and styling. Thanks.

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