Historical architecture of India

Historical architecture of India
Historical architecture of India

Historical architecture  of India

Indian architecture is as olden as the history of the civilization. The olden remains of recognizable building broil in the India dates lead to the Indus Valley cities. Among India’s ancient architectural remains, the most characteristic are the temples, Chaityas, Viharas, Stupas and accumulation religious structures.

“The process I have used is to tote occurring photographs of my projects once elements that inspire me as an architect, be it nature, monuments or moments.

“My architectural works are from NCR and the inspirations are from the adroitly-known monuments from across the country bearing in mind Fatehpur Sikri, the ghats of Benaras, Jag Mandir in Udaipur in the middle of others,” says VB, who is the director of ‘The 3C Company’ here.

For instance, in one of his images one can see an ancient haveli in the middle of trees and in the courtyard is a pool of water. The artwork is superimposed along with the image of the Wipro Campus in Gurgaon that has been expected by VB.
“This is the first Wipro headquarter building in north India. And because it was in a region once Gurgaon, it did not have many sceneries about it. So, we created a beautiful courtyard in the center of the building to make an atmosphere conducive for people in front out.

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