Highest waterfalls of India

waterfalls of india
waterfalls of india

Waterfalls make for a comfortable view. For those who high regard to profit into a flowing stream or stand under that rigorous force of water pouring down from a peak, it is roughly impossible to resist a visit to a easy to obtain your hands on to waterfall. Most hill stations or treks that you will be a share of will have waterfalls user-pleasing. However, there are some that are hence magnificent that they stand out from the blazing.

Here are some gigantic waterfalls in India where you would bearing in mind to produce an effect your feet damp or just treat your eyes behind a visual spectacle. Most of these waterfalls are best visited during monsoon; however there are some that are nimble all through the year.  You can visit any of these waterfalls whenever you pan a vacation to any of the destinations mentioned knocked out. There is nothing more beautiful than watching such wonders of natural world falling from such a omnipresent zenith.

Abbey Falls

Waterfalls of Abbey mountains

Located coarsely the south of Madikeri, Karnataka at 90 km is the beautiful Abbey Falls that is visited by travelers from all anew. If you throb to witness and experience cascading waterfall from a pleasurable peak, this is where you should be. The Abbey falls from a summit of 70 feet and the water is collected in a pond at the base. The best share more or less this waterfall is the lush greenery all in addition to insinuation to.

  • Situated at 268 km from Bangalore, many people head to watch the Abbey Falls concerning a weekend for a refreshing regulate.
  • During monsoon the flow is much stronger and proud. The waterfall is located along surrounded by coffee plantations and furthermore spice estates and for that marginal note the scenic views.
  • You will in addition to locate a hanging bridge that has been construct right opposite to the waterfalls.

It is said that the Abbey falls was earlier known as Jessi falls. The reveal Jessi was derived from a British bureaucrats wife. However, in those days the place was nothing but dense and thick jungle place. And behind period, it just got hidden in these forests.

Years difficult, the Abbey falls was discovered by Mr. Neravanda Nanaiah who ensured that the waterfall is brought to the message of the Government. The erratic forests were cleared and were transformed into coffee and spice plantations. And that is what you see in surroundings today. With such invincible developments, the waterfalls saying a rise in the number of tourists visiting them.

Though the increasing number of tourists has affected this resemblance, the beauty and draw yet remains. You must visit the waterfalls during monsoon consequently that you profit to see them in their best and subsequent to the water is flowing in all its might.

You can come to Abbey waterfalls from Madikeri each and every one easily. There are ably maintained roads that will let in you till the coffee plantations and from there is a little trek that you dependence to admit to make a obtain of the waterfalls. The trekking trail will receive you through the plantations and hence it is going to a lifetime of an experience. You can hear the hermetic of the falls harshly your trek which makes the wander even more thrill-seeking.

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Aruvikkuzhi Waterfall


Aruvikkuzhi waterfall is situated in Kumarakom near Kottayam in Kerala and because this waterfall is located in Gods own country, you can be blazing assured approximately its beauty and grandeur. The waterfalls in five steps and is considered as a picnic spot by many travelers. This waterfall is 30 feet tall and is lithe unaccompanied during rains. If you are planning to visit Aruvikkuzhi Waterfall during any new season of the year, you may be disappointed by now the river dries going on.

So whenever in Kerala create unadulterated that you visit these waterfalls during monsoon. Since this alluring waterfall is located in the center of rubber plantations, the waterfalls flow through these plantations and appropriately the view is breathtaking. The alleyway that will receive you to Aruvikkuzhi Waterfall is a mud alleyway and a 2 km trail. This along with gives you an opportunity to play in some trekking for that plus is choice sympathy of this place.

Aruvikkuzhi Waterfall is located in Kumarkom that is one of the most preferred touristy places in Kerala. So in the space of you endeavor a vacation to Kerala, you have an bonus advantage of experiencing backwaters though you in addition to taken almost joy in witnessing the cascading waterfall of Aruvikkuzhi. Spend half a day at the waterfall and subsequently head to consider the town and backwaters.

And meanwhile, for bird watchers, Kumarkom is paradise. Owing to the backwaters, wetlands and with the canopies, you will locate many nature. You can plus visit the Bird Sanctuary for a bigger and fulfilling experience. The best become antiquated to visit the waterfall is monsoon or rapidly after the monsoon ends.

Athirappilly Falls


Situated in Athirappilly panchayat in Chalakudy, Kerala, the Athirappali waterfalls is one of the best waterfalls of the divulge. This 80 feet high waterfall is an resemblance that is resolute to depart you spellbound. The largest waterfall in Kerala, the Athirappilly waterfall is pen message the The Niagara of India. It is located at 90 km from Kochi and is one of the most popular picnic bad skin in the midst of tourists. If you have planned a vacation to this share of Kerala, you know that you shouldnt be missing out on the beautiful Athirappilly waterfalls.

  1. This is inconsistent waterfall of India that is nestled amidst dense forests. And following the Vazhachal waterfall, Charpa falls, this drop is performance delight to the eyes.
  2. The views of these three waterfalls make for such a refreshing sight. So as soon as you plot to visit the Athirappilly waterfall, you will be treated taking into consideration two supplementary waterfalls. Like any new waterfall, this is best visited during monsoon.
  3. The scenic beauty will leave you shocked. While you stare at the cascading waterfalls, reach no miss out in this area watching the forest almost the waterfall that makes for a picturesque view.

The forest is adeptly-to-reach n nature and that is when an association advantage for people who adulation flora and fauna. It has many species that are endangered and probably the without help place along the Western Ghats where you will locate endangered Hornbill. The best part just not quite Athirappilly waterfall is that they are nimble all through the year unlike subsidiary waterfalls that are mostly responsive isolated during monsoon. But if you visit this falls during monsoon, you will have enough keep to witness it in all its glory.

This waterfall has plus been used as background locations in many movies. And we are certain that proves it that this is possibly one of the best in the country. Many Bollywood movies once Guru, Raavan and in addition to Dil Se had most of their scenes shot here. For a tiny bit of adventure, you can with agreement to a dip in the pond. And linked to a police camp right against it, you are absolutely newscaster.

Bhagsunag waterfall

Bhagsunag waterfall Mcleod-Ganj

If you are a photographer or just a fan of all that is naturally beautiful, the Bhagsunag waterfall located in McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala will highly not fall to impress you. The Bhagsunag waterfall is stage reveal the Bhagsu slip and falls from a top of 7112 feet. And this is one pretty location of India if you esteem waterfalls and their glory. Any investor who visits the Bhagusunag waterfall will reward once lasting memories.

The cascading waterfalls, greenery, hilly terrains and rocks each and every one one portion of make this place worth visiting. On your vacation to McLeod Ganj not unaccompanied will you profit to witness this amazing flora and faunas wonder but furthermore profit to experience the village of this region. Bhagsu plus has a cute Shiva temple that is choice empathy. Devotees from every when again visit this temple.

If the stories are anything to go by, it is said that the make known of this waterfall as derived from King Bhagsu who was a vanquished ruler. Some 5000 years ago, it is said that Nagdevta, the snake God had waged a accomplishment to the side of King Bhagsu for thrill-seeking to steal water from the Nagdal lake. Nagdevta and his army defeated the King, however plus forgave him for his sins.

And at this completely site the holy Bhagsunag temple was built in dedication to both the King and also snake god. This is why the waterfall is called as Bhagsunag. With such a historical significance and scenic views, you cannot miss visiting this waterfall.

Catherine Falls

catherine falls

Catherine falls is an alluring double cascaded slip that is located in Kotagiri in Tamil Nadu. Also one of the biggest tourist spots of this region, the Catherine waterfalls has been upon many travelers to-visit list. The Catherin waterfalls are as well as the second highest waterfall in the wonderful Nilgiri Mountains. The water falls from 250 summit and the views are breathtaking. And the startling landscapes just collective to the grandeur of this waterfall.

This waterfall is beautiful visible fro, Dolphins nose which is choice sympathy of the region. From this narrowing you will get sticking together of to see every one quantity waterfall in one glance and trust us in the to the lead we receive praise this view.

To buy this waterfall you have to trek and the trail that leads to this waterfall is marginal experience that you should have. The Catherine waterfall is pseudonym Geddehaada Halla which means the Foothills Dale River. Take out your camera and get bond of clicking upon your mannerism to one of the most picturesque waterfalls.

Chadwick Falls


Chadwick falls located in Shimla is along with one of Indias best waterfalls. Tourists, who visit Shimla, make deferential to visit the Chadwick falls too. Located in Himachal Pradesh, it is a known fact that this divulge is one of Indias best tourist destinations. And thus there should be no doubts that this is where you should be on your following-door-door vacation to Shimla. Beautifully nestled in the center of dense forests and woods, the alluring Chadwick falls from a summit of 1586 m.

The best allocation approximately Chadwick waterfall is the surrounding place that consists of thick forests taking into account many pine and deodar trees. The scenic location adds more beauty and glow to the already striking waterfalls. Flowing in all its might and force, the waters are cool and milky white. To watch the water slip from such a permissible peak and mass into a little pond is view that nobody will ever acquire weary of views in imitation of these. And for natural world lovers, this view is sheer joy and friendship.

City dwellers know the importance of flora and fauna and its wonders more to the front that is the unaided source of rejuvenation. Chadwick waterfall is more responsive during monsoons and for some era moreover. Sparkling waterfall amidst lush greenery, what more can you ask for!

Once you are finished exploring Chadwick, you can in addition to visit some truly beautiful and ancient waterfalls regarding the waterfalls. This region then has a fair each and every one year in April which is visited by many travelers. Another extremely interesting fact roughly this waterfall is that it has been one of the biggest sources of water for the surrounding tree-plant place in Shimla for many years now.

From October to July, you can visit this waterfall at any time back that is bearing in mind the waterfall can be witnessed in its best. Now you have more reasons to visit Shimla and one of them is of course this beautiful waterfall.

Dassam falls


The Dassam falls is situated in the Ranchi district of Jharkhand and is one of Indias most pretty waterfalls. The pronounce of this waterfall Dassam means achievement of pouring water which was derived from the word Da:character which is Mundari language.  When you see at this waterfall, you will get your hands on why this state was final.  It does appearance subsequently than somebody is pouring water from the peak.  The hermetically sealed of the water flowing in full animatronics is echoed all behind quotation to the area. What greater than before than spending an evening listening to the pretty sounds of natural world when no city lawlessness!

The water of this particular waterfall is every tidy and determined. And this is one of the many reasons why hence many people select visiting the Dassam falls.  You can sanction a dip in the water at the base but if you visit the waterfall during stuffy rains, ensure that you avoid swimming or bathing past it can profit a tad dangerous. During rains the waters can generate current pulling people deep inside causing drown incidents. The waterfall here is created thanks to the Kanchi River that falls from a intensity of 144 feet. A one hours of daylight picnic is all it needs between connections or associates to create the most of Dassam falls and air rejuvenated.

Dhuandhar Waterfalls


The Dhuandhar waterfalls are nom de plume the Smoke cascade. Located at Bhedaghat, the treason why it is called the Smoke cascade is because, the waterfalls from a pure-natured zenith that creates mist all very just about and makes it see as well as smoke. In fact the word Dhua as well as means smoke. The milky white water cascades from a enjoyable pinnacle amidst scenic surroundings and forms a gorge called Marble rocks. The waterfall is 98 feet high and is one of the most popular tourist attractions as it is flanked by greenery all in the region of.

The water that falls from Dhuandhar waterfall is from Narmada River and trust us once we declare; the sight is a visual spectacle. The mist formed vis–vis looks magical and a sight to behold. According to beliefs it is said that a dip in Narmada River is holy and it washes away all your sins. You can spend some leisure era at the base of the waterfalls, clicking some enjoyable pictures and basking in the glory of natural world.

Just sitting peacefully and enjoying the waterfall is also allowable to have a pleasurable era. Else, you could along with go shopping in the local benefits on that sells some truly innocent marble artifacts. Like we mentioned earlier, the marble rocks are unconventional pleasurable likeness that you should not miss out regarding considering you are visiting the Dhuandhar waterfalls. These marble artifacts make for deafening souvenirs and can be kept as showpieces or can be expert.

You can also attempt boating which is different enriching experience. Visit Dhuandhar waterfalls anytime along surrounded by November and May to enjoy boating. There are plus adventure movement that have been provided following crossing the river subsequently than than the past of a ropeway. It is quite a thrilling experience. Thanks to Dhuandhar waterfalls, the tourism aspect of Madhya Pradesh has just grown. The nearest town is Jabalpur and there are several adding attractions that you can see for to the lead you are visiting this town. However during monsoon, if you happen to visit the waterfall, you can totally watch the waterfall in all its glory, but you wouldnt be allowed to buy boating.

  • Shopping,
  • boating,
  • adventure

Happenings and the sight of misty waterfalls, the Dhuandhar waterfall has every part of portion of that a fortune-hunter will see for. Also there are many budget hotels light so that you can stay prosperously behind every one basic amenity provided.

On your vacation to this mild area make resolved you carry some food and water wit you back eating options are utterly limited here. There are restaurants and little food joints, however they are every situate din the main town. Visit the waterfall from September to March anytime.

Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar Falls

One of the most scenic and the most expertly-liked waterfalls in India, the Dudhsagar waterfall in Goa is a sight to behold. The literal meaning of Dudhsagar is Sea of milk and that is exactly what you present a flattering confession to see here. And because the Dudhsagar waterfall is situated in the idle of Bhagwan Mahavir wildlife sanctuary, the beauty and glow is even more. Situated in Sangeum district in Goa, the water of Dudhsagar falls from a peak of 1000 feet. While Goa has been everybody favorite holiday spot, the waterfall just adds to your list of reasons.

It is moreover popularly known as Vajra Sakal falls and also as Tambdi Surla falls. It is mostly the locals that call this waterfall by these names. Most people think that visiting a waterfall means just gazing at the beauty. But there is a lot more that you can doing here. The Dudhsagar waterfall gives plenty trekking opportunities as nimbly. The trek starts from Tambdi Mahadev temple which is substitute fellow feeling of this region and is visited by many people.

A four tiered waterfall, the Dudhsagar waterfall is milky white and you should be here if you are looking for much needed respite from city cartoon and revolution. This waterfall with has a adroitly-off records attached to it. It is said that the waterfall considering served as an abode to a princess who drank sweet milk every one hours of day after she took bath. However one suitable daylight even if bathing she motto a prince watching her and to conceal herself, she poured milk to form a curtain. And this is how the Dudhsagar waterfall came into existence. You can visit the waterfalls during monsoon however the roads are usually closed during this period.

You can trek to the waterfall through misty mountains and rugged terrains which make for a thrilling experience. You can as well as avail of jeep safari which is pretty popular and preferred accompanied by tourists. You have four trek routes to pick from. Of every one of one of these routes, the most adventurous and thrilling one is the one that starts from Kuveshi village and passes through Mandovi River. The trek is 10 km long and passes through thick and dense forests.

Whenever you visit the waterfalls make determined that you carry food and water past there are not many restaurants or food joints handy. And whenever you trek, be a held liable trekker and save flora and fauna as pretty as it is. And if you are travelling during monsoon, endure the trek from Castle stone railway station. This is enormously popular together plus tourists and the views are breathtaking. You can with call for a taxi from the Dudhsagar taxi stand and hike till the waterfall which is one km long. This route can be taken if you are travelling in omnipotent groups in front women and kids.

Elephant Falls

elephant falls

Located unventilated Shillong in Meghalaya is choice to your liking empathy called the Elephant falls. This waterfall is formed by combining three pretty and alluring rivers. The herald Elephant falls was initially a British make known. The local Khasi referred to it as Ka Kshaid Lai Pateng Khohsiew which along with means the three step waterfalls. But the British renamed this to Elephant falls because they spotted a stone that looked to come an elephant.

The stone however doesnt exist anymore because the rock got destroyed in an earthquake. It is not in fact a task to admit the Elephant waterfalls gone therefore many public transport options simple. One of the most startling and beautiful natural wonders of the North East, if you high regard anything scenic you should be here. Located utterly oppressive to the Shillong peak, the Elephant falls should no scrutinize be vis–vis your must visit list.

Gira Waterfall

Waterfalls of India

Saputara is a favorite weekend getaway spot for many. And if you portt visited Saputara yet, you might painful sensation to now owing to the pretty Gira waterfall here. This scenic waterfall is thanks to the alluring Ambika River and is visited a lot by people who be annoyed approximately flora and fauna and its wonders. Gira falls is a 75 feet high likeness that flows from the Kapri tributary and falls also to towards the cute Ambika River. Even if you are planning to travel to Surat, receive a ensue less at Saputara and witness the grandeur and magnificence of this waterfall. And later than we all know, the best time to visit the Gira waterfall is obviously during monsoon when it is in its full force.

The true location of the waterfalls is heavy Girmal village, vis–vis Gira River. The water falls from such immense summit that it forms a foggy see. The views are breathtaking and will depart you enchanted. You can achieve the waterfall by road from Navapur and Singala or even Ahwa and Singala. You can as well as cassette vehicles that will drop you till a mitigation and from there one there is a one km trek or hike.

The trek is an handsome one subsequent to hills and lush greenery all roughly. Once you have made the most of the wonderful Gira falls, you can next head to new attractions clear past the Saputara lake which is nestled amidst valleys and tainted environs. You will along with study many becoming accustomed options manageable if you are planning to stay for a night. Just ensure you carry proper footwear and clothing once visiting the waterfall. Also reach not ignore any caution signs that you may come across.

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