Easy and healthy breakfast food recipes to get fit and flat belly

Easy and healthy breakfast food recipes
Easy and healthy breakfast food recipes

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Easy and healthy breakfast food recipes

For these days health is the most critical factor of the human being. But as we know, that healthy breakfast recipes are essential in our life.

You are going to a wedding you want everything must be perfect, follow these simple, easy, healthy breakfast recipes food to get fit yourself with flat belly.

fit belly
fit belly

As you all know, that Girls & women want to be looking beautiful in the wedding ceremony.

All are wearing costly jewellery and designer clothes. But if you have not fit, and you don’t have the flat belly. Then you must feel wedding season.

When to give you simple few easy, healthy steps to follow to eat in your breakfast.

Follow these simple breakfast plan and get a beautiful and flat belly with a suitable weight loss option for you.

5. Drink more water – nature blessing

hot water drinking
hot water drinking

Our human body is created and observed 80% of water and other materials.

The basic concept to stay healthy and fit we must have to drink more and more water. It will give us the sufficient amount of nutrition for our healthy body, and it will recharge our immunity system to fight germs.

As we all know that water have lots of nutrition and bacteria. That can prevent our body to fight with other germs and give the boost up to our mental and Physical health conscious.


hot water for fit and flat belly weight loss health
hot water for fit and flat belly weight loss health

In the morning session, you can take at least one bowl of hot water in your drinking and eating style at your breakfast.

Most of the doctors are recommending that the hot water drinking must be required. Because of our body capturing lots of oil and unhygienic food in a day.

So, we have to remove that fat from our body. We will use the hot water in a morning session then our internal fat and cholesterol will remove the extra flat unhygienic materials from our body.

  • You will drink hot water in the morning then it will help you to get relax in your toilet. It will also help you in your daily life.
  • It’s an enjoyable hobby we have to follow these at least.

It will help us to reduce the weight loss. It is a great way to get a boost up and more energy.

4. Banana – breakfast of Banana cookies

banana diet for fit and flat belly weight loss health
banana diet for fit and flat belly weight loss health

In the morning breakfast recipes, you have to taste at least few amount of sweet in your mouth.

Banana is the best resource that can give you the taste of love and it will also boost up your immunity system and image Your mental hormonal activity.

If you want, a flat stomach then and create a banana cookie in your morning session. It will hardly take more than 15 minutes.

How to make a banana cookie:

Get six pieces of banana and get few eggs ball with at least two tablespoons of peanuts and then mix up.

In that Bowl after that, you can mix one teaspoon honey that will give you the extra taste of sweet. If you want, to include some other ingredients in that particular food recipe of Banana cookies then you can.

You just mix up all the things and then after heat that particular recipe in the bowl. To 350 degrees and then bake it all the cookies for 10 to 15 minutes.

By using these steps, you will be able to create banana cookies within the next 15 minutes. No enjoy these cookies for your breakfast meal and get fit and get a flat belly.

Where peanuts will help you to get boost up your energy and bananas will give you the extra carbohydrate.

3. Aloo Chana: Power and taste

Aloo Chana for fit and flat belly weight loss health
Aloo Chana for fit and flat belly weight loss health

Aloo is the best solution for starch. Chana is the best option to get more fiber into the body.

Black chana is good for health, and it will help you to get weight loss. More efficient to get more calories into the body and reduce the weight loss within a few days.

How to create Aloo – Chana recipe for breakfast?

A cup of boiled kale chana contains more than 350 calories in a bowl. It will be only 4 grams of total fat and less than 1 and a half gram of cholesterol that can saturate the fat of your body. If you will get a bowl of aloo, in your breakfast recipe healthy in your day.

By using aloo chana breakfast recipe, you will be able to get at least 400 calories.

The taste of aloo chana is tremendous, and they are giving you the best option for a healthy life.

By using Chana, you will be able to reduce your skin fall or any his skin diseases. It will be also helpful for you to get more power in your day. Horses are eating black chana for their meals.

It contains more Carbohydrate, and it will give you favorite snacks of eastern eat in India.

2. Paratha chai – traditional Indian food breakfast

Paratha chai for fit and flat belly weight loss health
Paratha chai for fit and flat belly weight loss health

Paratha is the combination of roti and mixture of vegetables. Show that the plants are the best resources to get more information for your body to get healthy and fit.

If you will include more ingredients in your paratha and then you will include chai, then it will give you the extra booster for your breakfast.

Aloo paratha and she is the most traditional food and the breakfast recipe of India.

How to cook aloo paratha?

First, you have to boil the potatoes and wash. After that, you can shop that potato in a bowl.

Mashup all the potatoes and all the ingredients very well and then chop green chilies with garam masala powder either you can choose red chili powder or dry mango powder and include few amount of salt.

How many Calories can we get it from Aloo-Paratha?

Eating aloo paratha every day in the morning breakfast recipe then you can get 329 calories with anyone aloo paratha and chai collaboration.

It will include your 16% of flat and 73% of carbohydrate within 11% of the protein in your complete meal of 1 aloo paratha chai.

1. Juice of Palak – a blood resource

Juice of Palak for fit and flat belly weight loss health
Juice of Palak for fit and flat belly weight loss health

Palak is the best source of iron. And the juice of palak will enhance your taste and calories.

Healthy and delicious way to get more green breakfast.

  • You are getting daily palak soup then you will improve your mind power and your concentration level.
  • It is very good for your brain function level. According to the world’s healthiest food organization, this is the create green vegetable and best benefit antioxidant Vitamin E flavor of the world.

If you are facing any difficulties of Cancer, then you can take palak soup in your daily breakfast and your dinner.

healthy fit and flat belly weight loss health
healthy fit and flat belly weight loss health

It will maintain your antioxidant for the longer term, and it will help you to reduce the cancer part of your life.

By following these steps, you will be able to get the healthy and most comfortable lifestyle of your daily routine.

If you are getting these breakfast for your healthy life, then create a massive impact on your body.

You will be able to get the results within next 30 days or 60 days.

If you follow these steps for the next one years, then you can get it the exponential results on your face and your body structure.

Photos of Morning healthy breakfast recipes food:


These are the breakfast recipes highly recommended by the doctors.

We hope that it will help you to get stay fit and healthy.

Health is wealth; please take care of it.

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