Hampi of India

Hampi – A Village in India
Hampi is an ancient village in the south Indian confess of Karnataka. Its dotted behind numerous ruined temple complexes from the Vijayanagara Empire. On the south bank of the River Tungabhadra is the 7th-century Hindu Virupaksha Temple, close the revived Hampi Bazaar. A carved stone chariot stands in stomach of the big Vittala Temple site. Southeast of Hampi, Daroji Bear Sanctuary is home to the Indian sloth bear.
The historical town of Hampi is a delightful place for visitors to have a glimpse of the long loose Vijayanagara Empire. The area holds pleasant fellow feeling for archives buffs as adroitly as for those who are impatient in archaeology and architecture. However, the area is along with a massive destination for general visitors.
The Karnataka State Government has proposed a tie-taking place surrounded by the iconic ruins of Hampi in India and Machu Picchu in Peru in South America. As per the proposed plot, these two historic sites may soon become sister descent sites. A Unique Initiative by Karnatakas Tourism Department.
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