Growth and development of transport in India (Latest Report)

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Transport is the largest operator of any country. In this episode, we will today talk about the development system of India’s transport handling system (Growth and development of transport in India).

With the transport communication system of any country, you can assess the economic progress of that country. Usually whenever we go to a country, we consider the transportation system of that country as the basic infrastructure of that country’s economic economy.

For example, if we go to the United States of America i.e. USA, then we assess metro services, road transport, sea transportation and sky transport capacity. If all these transport certified systems meet our expectations then we consider that country as the most suitable for living.

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That is why even today many people in India think that it is appropriate to spend their life in the United States of America. And keep America in the category of developed countries. When the same passengers arrive in India via the US, the transport system here is considered excessive and congested. But forget to talk that the area of ​​India and its population is many times more in terms of density.

Let’s understand how the development of India’s system has been in these years and how it has been able to build the system of today’s transport communication system ?

Development of transport suitable for business:

India is a densely populated country. Managing food is a very big part of business. For this reason, whenever there is talk of filling the stomach of people here, food chain supply comes in the most prominent role here. For this reason, food estates here have a very good shared cooperation with the transport system.

Due to the continuous development of high order by trucks and on the highway here, it has become very good and auspicious to arrange food from one state to another. At a time when the compassion pandemic shook the entire world and kept such a large population at home and bringing all the appropriate solutions to them, it was only through the transport system suitable for India’s business.

Truck drivers transport food items from one state to another and day to night to people so that people could buy and send vegetables in the market. In the same way, the army and police are engaged in the defense of the country. Apart from this, it is most important that the government has made this development system very easy and easy for the truck drivers who continue to travel continuously, through this development system.

A large network of highways has been developed in India. Due to which it has become easier to do business and at the same time it has become cheaper and easier for travelers to travel.

How big is the network of road highways in India?

According to data, India’s highway network is considered to be the most dense and largest at this time, which is more than about 142,126 km. In this 142,126 km radius, it forms the basic business of connecting with almost all types of small and big routes and reaching villages and towns or people.

Which is the largest highway network in India?

nh-44, which is the longest highway network in India, it is more than 3800 kilometres. Nh-44 or through Jammu and Kashmir of India, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu.

It is a straight vertical line that connects North to South of India. This NH India has been declared as the largest highway in India. The roads and road system are very smooth here, people walk very comfortably on the 8 lane roads here.

Accidental death due to lack of timely treatment:

Talking about road transport in India, there is a lot of scope in earlier history or in the past when women were pregnant or the health of an elderly or a child was bad then that village Due to the bad road system, he used to die till reaching the hospital.

But gradually, with great intensity, under the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana, a huge network of highways has been laid from village to village across the country, due to which today if you catch the walkway or if you have any Even if you do not have the means, nowadays you have many facilities available on rent that can reach your destination quickly.

According to data, there has been a decline in the number of accidental deaths due to 57 pieces due to the development of the road transport system. This has made it easier for patients to reach hospitals and it has also become very easy for people to work in their daily lives.

According to a data, whether it is in the metro cities or in the village, about 31 percent of the people who contribute to the economy or do jobs with their daily routine, travel daily from one district to another with their journey. And come back to their home. It has been possible due to the development of MAR, for which the contribution of the Government of India is commendable.

Development of air transport system of Brand India:

IndiaJust as India developed its road transport system, it also developed the air transport system to connect with its country and other countries with great intensity.

It is known by all that India is a huge market in the whole world, where the customer is very much, not only because of it but also to keep the goods in the daily economy, air transport has also been developed very fast, in today’s time, overall More than 700 small and large airports which are engaged in passengers and business activities have been developed.

Taking cooperation from the present Government of India, this time more airports have been opened. Due to which, it will be easier to travel and faster to transport in times to come.

Declining air transport prices:

There was a time in India that only people from high income groups could avail the benefits of air service. But the Government of India pushed the system with great prominence and in today’s time every ordinary person also uses it at the time of their needs.

Earlier, you had to pay a lot of money for traveling by airplane, but in today’s time you pay for an AC coach during a train journey, at the same price you, today Air India, SpiceJet, Air Asia, Vistara and Others can take advantage of national and international flights.

This is a huge step towards the development of India and to increase its business, due to which people and businessmen can carry out their work very quickly and go to their destination to complete their daily routine.

Development of sea route transport:

A time where China ruled the sea system. Today, he has developed the sea transport system with great intensity in the area of ​​Indian Ocean, the largest ocean near India. Due to which India’s trade is very cheap and the transport system has also become very cheap for traders.

Because of which any kind of activity in the Indian market and advancing business has become very easy. The best thing is that the Indian government has worked with modern technology towards sea route transport.

In which they have made it easy for the people to enjoy the journey of the oil system, the system of business, and also in the things of daily routine and transportation.

According to a figure, about 700,000 small and big boats and ships are currently operating in the maritime areas of India. Due to which India’s strategic capability has increased considerably.

Invaluable contribution of sea transport in defense sector:

India has further formed its army for the development of sea transport, due to which India’s strategic capability is considered all over the world today. This is an area in which India has strengthened its territories and strengthened its hold in water.

It is said that if anyone has full support and holds on these three waters, then it is sure that the people of the country and the nation will win and move forward.

In this series, India has a total of 17 to 20 submarines with India, with the support of its Marine Corps (Navy), to strengthen its border defense, along with about 7 aircraft carriers, India. We are ready to attack and defend ourselves in any country and region at any time.

Sea transport is currently the cheapest and easiest route in India. India conducts more than 71% of its business through maritime areas, followed by only 29% in trade agreements through railways, air services and road services.

Development of Internet Transport System:

Prime Minister of India, Narendra Damodardas Modi ji has said in his statement, we should pay attention to all our transport systems including Indian Railways, Indian Airways, Indian Maritime Border Security and things on which we have more Internet communication systems that need attention are also very important.

He says that the way we need root, we need the internet as well. This thing has proved to be true because those who were in their homes are available on the internet to conduct all things.

India’s largest consumer has arrived. The Internet system has been developed in India. In today’s time, if you want to buy vegetables or if you want to buy any kind of inverters or houses or need any other kind of facilities, then you can search all these things on the internet and order them in your homes. Can execute and get seated.

It would not be wrong to say that the Internet has worked very fast in its transport system in India and especially in these last 10 years.

It has come out as one such route and one such transport medium which is very cheap and has made a very commendable contribution in controlling and operating the population of India.

Development of Indian Railways

Railway of India is a very big part of the economy of India, with this if you want to visit sightseeing in India, do business or want to travel to different places at low and cheap prices. Indian Railways is the largest transport destination.

Indian Railways has a very deep impact within the Indian economy and Indian people. The history of Indian Railways is very old and more employees are employed than Indian finance management at this time. India’s railway network is one of the largest in the world.

It is 1.7 million kilometers in India. In the economy, Indian Railways contribute. According to a data, in a city like Mumbai, more than two crore people travel on local trains. Or itself a very large population and a very large economy system.

Dependency on Railways

The dependence of Indians on Indian Railways is immense, the development of Indian Railways since the British era, when India itself has become a major producer of railways as well as the services of India depend on Indian Railways.

India today manufactures its own diesel engines in Dereka, Varanasi and also exports to other countries. At present, India has more than four thousand trains which are best suited for day to day services and long distance journeys.

The freight train of India has proved to be a boon for the traders, who are famous for transporting the goods at a very fast speed from one place to another. Their biggest feature is that air services and marine services prove to be more economical because while air services prove to be expensive for business, marine services are cheaper but take a lot of time.

For this reason, even today, merchants consider railroads to be the highest level of medium for their business.


Overall, India has developed its transport system with great intensity. What is the period when India is growing with the system and providing a high level of facilities to its population?

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