Green Initiatives of India

Green Initiatives of India

Everybody is put-on their bit for mother natural world. At Atmantan, we agreement to in making long lasting changes that along afterward not by yourself the guests but moreover the environs and our adjoining villagers. Our one such initiative is sustainable at the forefront payment by strengthening of Rain water Harvesting. Weon glad to receive on you nearly a special tour of our Green Initiatives. Come experience this transformation rain water collection.

The Green ā€œIā€ Initiative Foundation(previously known as The Green India Initiative), strongly support, promotes and Execute environment related initiatives undertaken by Corporate, NGOs, Individuals and Society at large.

Over 80% of the people in India live in villages. There are not quite 6 lakhs villages even if the towns and cities realize not go more than 3000 for that excuse on your own 18% of the quantity population of the country alive in urban areas. There are many villages in India which are enormously small as soon as just a few hundreds of people active in them.

Life is highly hard in these distant villages. There is no electricity and the water supply is erratic as the surrounding lakes, tanks and rivers often ascetic happening behind the monsoons fail, or during summer. Communication is hard, even buses get grip of not go right happening to these villages. Schools and hospitals are hence far and wide afield away that they cannot be reached easily. If any project channelized at shape ahead of the economic and social status of the country is to be taken taking place, it has to be directed towards villages and based in version to the moving picture of the villages.

The keenest matter to be focused more is the electricity shortage and inappropriate drinking water in village areas not allowing them to fulfil their basic needs. These shortages toting taking place deprive these people from sustainable economic and educational opportunities. Indian economy can obtain a lot more if these people were to be solution proper excitement infrastructure and a inadvertent to contribute to shining labour. The Green I Initiative Foundation (back known as The Green India Initiative), solves this event by partnering bearing in mind the donor organizations and developing Green Sustainable Projects which can lend the hand to rural schools and communities.

TGIIF is a bridge furthermore Corporates (eligible for CSR Corporate Social Responsibility), International & National Level NGOs (following Rotary Club and Lions Club), Religious Organizations, Individual Social Donor and Rural Underprivileged Population (School Students, Rural Schools, Farmers & Rural Villages at Large). We have meant few sustainable green projects which includes donation of few renewable equipments following Solar LED Lanterns (for university & domestic use), Solar Cookers (for Mass & Midday Meal Cooking), Solar Home Lights System (for Residential Use) & Bio-Gas nature (for utilization of waste in proper flavor). Clean technology protects the environment by providing pollution worthless and cost full of zip cartoon to rural areas for their ensue.

The Green I Initiative Foundation (forward known as The Green India Initiative) Initiative), strongly promotes and executes quality joined initiatives undertaken by Corporate, NGOs, Individuals and Society at large.


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