What do foreigners like about India?

India love
India love

TravelBrandIndia, Research team survey result and report says, what things which foreigners like about India when they travel. This report is based on tourist world tour and experiences.

Top 5 are the things that tourist love about India:

1. Indians are creative in finding ways to save money (promo codes, discounts, referral codes)

Indians usually mistreatment the system to save maintenance. My Indian boyfriend can demean rates of already discounted Goibibo hotels using promo codes. Not just hotels, he looks for promo codes/discounts whenever I folder flights, get your hands on food from Foodpanda etc., lead we profit cashbacks. He installs Ola Cab and Uber to his friends’ phones to get your hands on manageable rides. After sometime, his Uber account got removed because he’s getting a lot of clear rides.

He has anew three emails that he uses to acquire more discounts. As you guys know, you can put periods in your email and Gmail will still see that as one. There are websites (forget what) that will song that as a every second one as a result you can register a supplement account. One period, otherwise of going to a restaurant for dinner which is just 40 meters away from us, we ordered food upon Foodpanda to save 50%.

I’m not determined if this is common to every one of Indians or my boyfriend is just super courteous in QA. Even his links ensue him for best deals online (laptops, phones etc). However, I’ve entre news taking into account this one (The disconcert considering Foodpanda ) that shows that my boyfriend isn’t the on your own one exploiting websites.

I don’t even know that I have a makemytrip account.

Update: 4 app installations + 11 days hotel booking for 3 people = 4500 rs

2. Jugaad

JUGAAD: What are the best examples of India’s Jugaad, used to solve everyday problems?

Need we say more?

3. Spicy Cooking

There are a lot of spices in their food and the cooking process really takes a long time.

Sandwich filling? That’s nothing compared to Pav Bhaji.

Scrambled eggs? Try their Egg Bhurji.

One viand per meal? Try South Indian meal that has rasam, different chutneys, sambar etc. to choose from.
No one buys instant mix, they prepare their own masala and has a lot of spices in their homes. In my country, it’s common to just buy instant tamarind mix that puree tamarinds. Anyways, I learned about this when I shopped for instant Knorr Biryani Mix, Chicken Curry mix and etc.

4. Engineers

India produces a ton of great engineers and it’s common to find Indians in top tech companies.

Youngsters perform hard to profit into severity engineering schools not just to make their parents proud but as well as to reach a job. My boyfriend said that the job market in India is not that to your liking consequently it’s important to make a obtain of to the top institutions.

They focus more in maths than in languages (e.g. English). My boyfriend has 76 in Hindi and English but his maths is 99 (supposed to be 100 but had misfortune along with than the system) in his 10th class.

5. Friendship (movie dates and pizza nights with friends)

When I went to see a movie in Jaipur, there are more guys hanging out than gf/bf dating which is weird in the country I lived in. In KFC, McD (McDonald’s) and Domino’s, I often locate people of the same gender hanging out than couples dating. There are less couples because dating is in take dream of fact not that common in India. You’ll deem men and women hiding their partner in crime from their parents just plus what my boyfriend does.

If, you have great or bad experience while you travel across India. Please! share to improve our research.

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