Don’t miss these 7 foods while travelling to kerala

Don't miss these 7 foods while travelling to Kerala Pic
Don't miss these 7 foods while travelling to Kerala Pic

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Travelling isn’t only about exploring a destination for its beauty or clicking images of every building that you come across. Food is an essential element of the entire experience. South Indian cuisine is well-known worldwide and has an enormous following pan-India.

The natives of Kerala serve up special dishes such as Appam made with stew Palada Payasam Kerala Prawn curry Thalassery biriyani, and many more.

If you want to eat  at the finest restaurants in your Kerala trip, they can give an authentic flavor to your Kerala excursion.

Erissery (Pumpkin And Lentil Stew)

Erissery is one of the famous Kerala dishes Kerala Visitors and locals love in Kerala. A favorite in every kitchen in Kerala, the curry is prepared using either raw plantains or cutting the yams.

It is usually cooked by boiling sweet pumpkins, pepper, chilies, grated salt coconut, dried lentils and cumin seeds, turmeric powder, and garlic. It’s served with a bed of rice after it has been cooked. It is a popular Kerala food item on the menu for religious holidays such as Onam. Erissery provides the ideal food for those always searching for new tastes! 

If you ask anyone from Kerala what their favorite dish is back home, and they’ll tell you about stew and Appam! I believe it’s justifiable for them to do this because Appam is enlightening in the food industry. It’s a rice pancake with a soft and thick middle and a crisp and thin exterior.

Whatever you decide to serve it with, it will boost the flavor of your dish by over a hundred! It is typically served with a southern-style stew, where pieces of any meat are smothered with the silky, rich, creamy coconut curry that can make you feel disappointed when it’s over.

Idli from kerala

Idlis are a type of steam cake that typically measure only a few inches across and are created by steaming a batter derived from rice. It is a pre-cook ferment process to ensure carbohydrates are reduced to immediately absorb the idli into the body.

Idlis are usually consumed at breakfast during the morning in Kerala and are usually served with coconut chutney or sambar. Idlis are typically made using circular-shaped cooking dishes now. In the past, the thick idli batter was served on a soft cloth tied tightly into the mouth of a large cooking vessel.

Nutrition rich seafood

It’s not just an eating style but is an integral component of the culinary scene. Because it is located in a coastal region, a variety of seafood is incorporated into the food. The eastern part of the Kerala district is the more reliable location to sample seafood-based dishes.

Some of the best seafood to taste include snappers, squid lobster, prawns and spotted pearl and rockfish, crab and more.

Pidi and Chicken Curry

The name is also known as the side of rice dumplings. Dumplings simmer in water with shallots and garlic curry leaves, coriander seeds. They are served as dry dishes throughout the Malabar region.

The dumplings are drenched in white sauce in the Kottayam district. Kottayam fashion Pidi is a typical dish served by Knanaya (descendants of Jewish Christians from Antioch). It is common for the mother-in-law to prepare this dish for the day of a baby’s shower. This dish can be served along with a roasted coconut curry. These unique breakfast recipes from Kerala are available during the Tyndis Kerala Food Tour.


A delicacy of the Malabar region of North Kerala, this is an integral part of the famed Moplah food of Muslims in Kerala.

It’s a thin, round pancake made of rice flour. It is served with curries, mostly non-vegetarian ones like chicken and Mutton. Like Appam, it can be eaten at any point during the day and needs a spicy or delicious curry to complement its bland flavor.

Erissery, pumpkin, and lentil curry

It is a very popular curry in Kerala made of raw plantains or cut Yams. It can also include a mildly sweet pumpkin simmered in water and seasoned along with chilies, salt, dried lentils, coconut grated with the spice turmeric, cumin seeds, and garlic. It’s served with rice. It is often served on menus during religious holidays such as Onam.

Erachi Ularthiyathu

This famous Syrian Christian dish sure isn’t easily pronounced, So it’s good that it’s referred to as dry-fry beef everywhere (you may say BDF). The dish is so beloved throughout Kerala that many call it the national dish!

For the preparation, pieces of beef are slowly stir-fried or cooked in a heavy skillet with the coconut, fragrant ground spices, chilies, curry leaves, and chilies. Certain tourists like Syrian Christian beef curry because it’s more similar to Indian cuisine.

But, locals may not agree. Beef fry is a popular dish to consume alcohol at the local pubs and toddy stores. This is why you’ll discover the best food there. It’s a winner of the award. Mullapanthal toddy shop along MLA Road in Tripunithura, close to Kochi, is tops.

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