Explore Karnataka tourism – a tour of South India travel

Karnataka tourism
Karnataka tourism

Explore Karnataka tourism

In this winter you are looking for a South India tour then the Karnataka tour will be the best destination of India.

Karnataka tourism is the principal attraction of India travel plan. Karnataka is a place of goddess Bhubaneshwar.

State of Karnataka was created on 1st November 1956 after the freedom of India and Republic Day.

Karnataka tourism is the best example of South Indian culture. The people of Karnataka are truly humbled, and they are a very civilized person.

As a Traveller, you can go there and feel the hospitality of Karnataka tourism.

best destination of Karnataka
best destination of Karnataka

What will be the best destination of Karnataka?

Bangalore is the best places to visit in Karnataka. It is also known as the city of IT in India.

Most of the information technology engineers are belonging from this place. For the startup activity and their information technology fluency.

But this place is also famous for their beautiful cultural activity and nature connectivity.

Bangalore is the crucial part of Karnataka tourism. The traveler will come here and feel the hospitality Bangalore railway.

The railway station of Bangalore is awarded as the cleanest railway station of India in 2017.

All the facilities like Wi-Fi and the best food system, online booking of share room hotels.

What will be the key places of Bangalore while we are visiting Karnataka?

If you are staying in Bangalore and you are trying to explore the destinations of Bangalore. Then Vidhan Sabha and Nandi temple is the best destination way you can go and visit the beautiful creation of Bangalore.

Kabini river
Kabini river

2. Kabini river – kapila river in south India

Kabini river Is the main attraction of Karnataka tourism.

Kabini river is famous for there elephants and the beautiful jungle.

The length of Kabini river is 240 km. Travellers are coming here to see the enjoyment and the meat of elephants.

The elephants of Kabini river they are very aggressive if you are trying to discard them then they will attack you.

But if you are a wildlife lover and you will play with them then they will be the best friend of you.

Bus for the resorts and their Hill views are the focus attraction of Kabini river tourism.

As per the data of previous year, 66% of Travelers had visited this place.

The best time to come in Kabini river is in monsoon. Wildlife will be available here 365 days, but in monsoons, they are more active and romantic.

  • Friends and the wildlife photographers are staying here in the resort because they are shooting the best picturisation of elephants.
  • Discovery Channel the most of the wildlife activity in Kerala and Karnataka is happening in the jungle.
  • Most of the elephants are living together, and they are feeling happy.
  • National geographic channel and Discovery channel is visiting every month year and getting the data.

You can get the amazing experience of wildlife. Resorts of Kabini river are too good and giving you the best hospitality in the world.

Most of the South Indian couples are coming here after their wedding. They are shooting there wedding photography making some intimate scenes.

Adult couples are coming here and enjoying the nature.

Mysore - Chamundi
Mysore – the Hills of Chamundi

3. Mysore – the Hills of Chamundi

Mysore is the most populated city in Karnataka.

Businessman and workers of Karnataka belong from Mysore.

It is the most commercial place of Karnataka at the same time this is the best service area of south India.

You can say that this is the economic hub of Karnataka.

Mysore was the capital of Karnataka in 1399 to 1947.

Bangalore to Mysore it is only 151 km away. Bangalore and Mysore connected with each other very close.

Mysore is famous for their hill station Chamundi. This place is renowned for goddess Chamundi Temple.

As per the belief of people of Mysore, Chamundi Devi is helping him all kind of issues and problems.

As a Traveller, you can come here and explore the beautiful hill stations of Mysore.

Mysore is famous for their zoo because most of the expensive and exotic animals are here.

Jaganmohan Palace which one is famous as a collection of Royal painting and carvings. You can come here and get the feeling of brilliant painters of India.

Chamundeshwari Temple is one of the best place and creation of Mysore and Karnataka tourism.

Mysore is also famous for their railway to the museum.

Mysore Railway Museum is the best architecture and collection of Indian railway history and journey.

If you are trying to explore India, then you can come here and explore the Indian Railways. It will give you all kind of information of Indian Railways and Indian culture and civilization.

Vrindavan garden is also one of the best attraction of Mysore.

Brindavan Garden of Mysore is known as the lover’s destination and beautiful wedding photography.

If you are coming here and you are trying to relax then, please visit this place, highly recommended.

4. Hassan – historical town of Karnataka

Hassan is a town of Karnataka. It is a town that one located at 980 meters above from the sea level.

Famous for their historical values and spiritual connectivity.

Hasanamba Temple is infamous places of Hassan town. It is a temple of belief and historical values.

As per the belief, Hassan is a town of the goddess. It is a Glory during the rule of Durvasa.

As per the story of Ramayana Hassan town is the crucial factor of Shri Ram and Hanuman collaboration.

Mahabharata also mentions this place as historical and spiritual values.

The Maharaja Park of Hassan town is famous for the wildlife.

As a Traveller, you can come here and take the best meal of your food.

The nonveg food of Hassan town is phenomenal.

Lover of Chicken Butter is coming from different areas of Karnataka.

The yummy flavor of Chicken Butter of Hassan town that they are the nonvegetarian and the follower of Durvasa.

The hospitality of Hassan town is excellent. It is a traveler you cannot get any Hotel facilities here but the small lodge available here for you.

In this place, you can connect with your spiritual soul and feel the relaxed mode of your life.

Talking about only a few places of Karnataka tourism. Stay connected with us in upcoming blogs we will come with you with more explanatory and the best visiting places of Karnataka.

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