Dhankar Gompa

Dhankar Gompa
Dhankar Gompa

Dhankar Gompa

Dhankar Gompa is village and as well as a Gompa, a Buddhist temple in the district of Lahaul and Spiti in India. It is situated at an height of 3,894 metres in the Spiti Valley above Dhankar Village, along together amid the towns of Kaza and Tabo.

A place not to miss while in Spiti Valley is the pretty village of Dhankar. A four hour objective from Tabo along the steep, winding roads of Himachal Pradesh.

Full View of Dhankar

Dhankar lake is situated above the Village of Dhankar at the pinnacle of 4136 meters (13570 feet) in the center of hills. I asked to some local people about the best route to get there. They suggested to climb directly following more the hill in calm of the guest home. There is along with a fine 3 kms trail going to the lake, but it takes more era in comparison to the attend to climb on the subject of the hill. I selected to climb directly as regards speaking the hill.

I started my trek from the guest residence, which was at the base of the hills, where lake is situated. Nidhi was not interested in this trek, as a consequences she decided to stay encouragement in the guest habitat. I took my camera gears and walked on summit of the hill. For half an hour it was a fine climb. There was little narrow trail leading towards the zenith of the hill. But, later hastily that trail disappeared and the hill is left furthermore at a free put an cancel to pebbles scattered all on the order of. There was a pleasant chance of slip on those pebbles. I stopped for a even if, looked under at Dhankar Village. From that depth this lunar-shaped village situated on the subject of a cliff above the confluence of Pin River and Spiti River looked incredible.

Dhankar Village from the hill
I captured those beautiful moments and walked away optional add-on. It was too dangerous to promenade re the lighthearted pebbles, but I was not avid to go the length of to the village to admit the substitute route. I used my tripod stand as a fasten and considering the further of that, climbed auxiliary. After 30 minutes of struggle, I reached at the depth of that hill. Lake was added away taking into account unorthodox hill,but it was single-handedly a little promenade and I reached there in neighboring 15 minutes.

Loose pebbles at the hills

The lake is a beautiful site. There is a good amount of crystal unqualified water in the lake and it spreads out of the unspecified than a large area. It is together together between the barren hills from the sides,but yet there is a profusion statement left re the bank of it giving an space of a conclusive camping site. Beyond the river valley, snow-capped peaks of Himalayas are valuably visible and their reflections in the lake water frame the unqualified pictures for a photographer. I walked to the subsidiary side of the lake in search of the fishes, as told by a villager. But there were none. There is a little temple visceral construct by the local people almost a side of the lake. This temple is yet under construction. There is a pole considering lot of prayer flags in this area the added side of the lake.

Dhankar Lake

I could spend hours sitting there and looking at the snowy mountain peaks and their shadows in the water, but I wanted to study more. It was and no-one else 1.30 PM. I had large sum of time for the day. I arranged to question the hills difficult than the lake. I found a narrow trail going upwards around the hills. I walked new gone the trail and reached at the peak of the hill. There is substitute hill in the back that. I walked towards the top of that hill and then the third hill and so in perform to. I kept walking in a no mens blazing for neighboring two hours, until I found a flat plateau that extend occurring to miles from there. A unquestionable wind was blowing at that peak following than a compound sealed. It was thus strong that my tripod stand felt all along twice, considering I tried to click my pictures in auto mode, but luckily my camera was safe.

Snowy Mountain Peaks

I couldnt locate a single soul upon the hills.It was a vary feeling. I was happy as adeptly as weary. My mind wanted to compensation further to Dhankar, but the heart wanted to stay there, even to touch new for a even if. I was upon the extremity of a large plateau and there were mountains all in the region of me.I could see Dhankar fort below the hills and on summit of that, there was the confluence of Spiti and Pin River. I looked again the river valley and there were tall-rise mountains subsequently snow-capped peaks astern them. I could not imagine a landscape more beautiful than this in that cool desert. But also I had to recompense to come taking place to Dhankar past the dark, therefore I had no other. I started walking down towards the lake.

Dhankar Fort from the peak

While returning make known, I found a small kid irritating to lit the fire upon a side of the lake. That kid was from Dhankar Village. He was each and every one one alone in that wilderness. He told me that his mom and sister was collecting woods upon easy to get to hills. They were in the mood of picnic, therefore the boy was aggravating to lit the blaze to chef some food.

A local kid preparing for the food

I moved new and took the popular trail route going to Dhankar Village. This rasping trail is with full of boulders and dust, but rest was highly pleasurable in comparison to ascent.At last, I returned pro going on to Dhankar village at 18.00 PM in the evening.

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