Development of tourism in India is the primary focus of government in budget 2018

Development of tourism in India is the primary focus of government in budget 2018
Development of tourism in India is the primary focus of government in budget 2018

Development of tourism in India is the primary focus of government in budget 2018

The Indian government is focusing on the development of tourism in India. The government of India is trying to boost up the tour and travels industry of India.

rural tourism in india
rural tourism in india

Budget 2018 –¬†Development of tourism in India

In budget 2018 most of the focus is agriculture and tourism industry of India.

The Indian government is giving most of the revenue and their participation of money in respect of startups for tour and tourism of India and Agricultural Products and startups.

They are focusing on iSM industry, and the development of facility is regarding tourism.

The current growth of tourism in India is better than the previous ages.

Government is focusing on the higher growth rate in travel and tourism industry.

Foreign direct investment in the travel industry is now hundred percent.

Projects on tourism in India is getting growth treat. Many startups are working in the travel industry. Is everybody can see that Indian Prime Minister Narendra damodardas Modi is working hard for the travel and tourism industry of India.

traveling across India
traveling across India

Traveling across India

Modi is traveling across India and the world, and still, they are promoting at least travel in India or come to India for traveling.

It was a great initiative taken by Modi and the government. Air flights are cheaper than ever right now lots of offer and competition in IT industry.

Travellers can save money, and they can get better facilities while they will traveling. The better experiences and online services with facilities like MakeMyTrip,,, and many other services are available into the market for Development of tourism.

The industry of traveling is growing day by day, and it’s a massive opportunity for the startups and the previous market players.

Cruise tourism of India
Cruise tourism of India

Cruise tourism of India

Indian transport minister, Shri Nitin Gadkari has announced that Cruise tourism of India will be available as soon as possible. They are working on the riverfront of various states of India. Very soon the cargo ships will be available on the rivers of India.

They are working on the most of the time use of business and better opportunity while traveling.

Food Ministry of India is working on the better food quality and the better services rather than online or offline both.

So for example, if you are taking a trip of Udaipur tourism then you will be get benefited from all kind of facilities via online and offline both services.

India is ready to set their tourism map. So you can quickly figure out the map of tourism of India.

Tourism map of India will help you to get more visibility to get the facilities and traveling.


Tourism Map

India tourist map will figure out that what will be the new projects in upcoming future. It can help us to create a growth plan and the underlying architecture for the in future time.

Example if you’re looking for a royal treat or traveling. Tourism app will help you to find out the best places to visit the Royal hotels and get the best facilities for your royal treatment for traveling.

Indian tourism map can figure out if you are looking for a Bharat Yatra Darshan or Bharat Darshan solution then they will provide you the best Indian Railways facilities to figure out the Traveling part.

By using Indian tourism map, you can figure out the best places across India with the next seven days with the help of air travel.

If you are looking for a shared hosting while traveling or you are trying to save money and get a better experience, then you can stay out with the sharing model of hotels.

Right now Airbnb is very famous across Europe and other cities. But these facilities are not available in India right now. In this condition, the Indian government is ready to create a shared structure for travel and tourism of India.

They are creating most of the shared bed to stay at the railway station and Development of tourism in India. It will be cheaper than ever. It will be world class.

By using these techniques, the Indian government is trying to provide cheaper facility is traveling experience for their visitors.

It is a good initiative taken by every body of travel and travel industry. Hope for the best.

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