Colors of India and Childhood

Colors of India and Childhood
Colors of India and Childhood

India is the third largest population country, Worldwide. So, In India to setup the mood of public, Indian rich culture and tradition has created.

Form this rich culture and tradition have very funny and interesting parts to play and connect with Indian to Indian culture and given knowledge to their civilization.

It starts form childhood, Children are playing games and form the begining of life they are connected with friends and learn, how to work as a team.

Let’s know about few children game of India, read this article, given below:

Colors of India and Childhood:

Indian children love to play with colors. This culture are growing and taking a new fly jet when they elder but their childhood still in their. Initially, children playing games with soul and raw color but when they grow up they are playing with colors, this festival called Holi festival of India.

This is the most awaited festival of India, In this festival, human being of India, playing and trying to express their feeling and love with other through the help of colors.

Kabaddi in India
Girls playing Kabaddi in India

Kabaddi in India:

This is the key game of India and in this game, two teams will be their and they will learn, how to play with team and connect with each other and grow up as a unit.

In kabbaddi, players trying to go into the field of other region and find a enemy to defeat through touching and run form their.

Now! kabbaddi is playing worldwide and still world cup of kabbaddi was hosted by India.

Kho-Kho, The Game of India
Kho-Kho, The Game of India

Kho-Kho, The Game of India:

In this game, few people with play each other and their will be one competitor and other opponent who try to defeat competitor but opponent have to caught that competitor by touching. It’s very simple but funny and energetic game.

Their are lot’s of other games in India, we will talk about that in another article of

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