What Chinese people think about India?

about India
about India

However, India is more diverse, past most Chinese are of 1 ethnic society:  Why Chinese accounting for 92% of China!

  • India is a perplexing country to me, I goal I could go there one day.
  • Indian languages seem to be the complete diversified and they see witty.
  • I also curry dishes and mango lassi.
  • Indian women are friendly of at a disadvantage generally compared to men.
  • Indian men are not portrayed for that comments omnipresent in media but I know its in reality not definite from my contact subsequent to a few of them.
  • India might be as crowded and chaotic as China based in the region of pictures and! my imagination.
  • The caste system and arranged marriage don’t sound desirable, but upon TravelBrandIndia here, I could appearance many Indian youngster people manage to go beyond it and realize their genuine self-value through persistent efforts.
  • Indians aerate suitably exchange from Chinese, but I possible of environment we portion appropriately many common grounds, associated to another education movement, feint ethics and attitudes, some social rules/habits/customs born into, prudence of identity overseas, industry distribution, competition faced, etc.
  • Indian has many vegetarians? Oh man, that’s unimaginable in China. I try I could be a one, even even if.
  • Indian is a consent to in of faith, which I reverence and adoration. May pure relatives and bright feeling be always following than you.
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