China never beat young India workforce

China never beat young India workforce
China never beat young India workforce

Hi friends, China will never beat Young India workForce power.

The latest study and Research by the American company on leading workforce powerful countries in 2025. In this researcher’s obvious observation statement. India will be the superpower of the driving workforce of 2025.

Indian startup role models
Indian startup role models

Leading workforce

Everybody is talking about Asia will be the next Big superpower of the world. But now the boy has begun in between China, India, and Brazil.

Everybody wants to become a superpower. But the truth is that India has young, robust workforce. Young India workforce is working successfully.

Currently, most of the source of America and leading information technology companies are related to India. It is also true most of the Chinese entrepreneurs a leading the best enterprises in the world.

But as per the observation, India will be the leading country supply most of the human resources in 2025.

The current age of Chinese people approximate 65+. But when you compare with India than most of the young workforce is below 35.

Young workforce

That’s why India will be the best workforce provider and human resource center of the world. More than hundred million human resource and qualified professionals are available in India.

They are ready to give their services to India at the global level. Currently, China has more than 125 million human resource worker.

But as for the calculation, Indian workers are more qualified and more desperate for the work. Everyone knows about the quality of Chinese work.

Chinese product and the quality is not sustainable. That’s why everybody hates Chinese product.

But India is following the Japanese Technology Kaizen.

It’s keep growing and improving the process. Every Indian is following on that. They are working on the improvement of the work.

Young India workforce Efforts

Young India workforce is working on minimum defect maximum effect policy.

Indian Prime Minister knows this, and they are promoting Young India and skill India program.

India and China both her neighborhoods. But they are both are working on to be a superpower of the world. That’s why this competition has made them as Enemies for human resources.

Indian companies have denied Chinese product and Chinese employee.

mumbai Andheri young India workforce
young India workforce
Arrogant nature of China

The arrogant nature of China and their Regulation and policies are making global economy uncomfortable. Chinese are always trying to manipulate the financial market.

Chinese are always looking for the South China Sea to adapt by using the power.

But at the same time, India is the fastest growing country and economy of the world. India is a peaceful country I never attacked first on anyone.

Lots of leader of India is motivating the youth of India. Young India workforce is working on manufacturing part.

China is biggest manufacturer and supplier of the globe. It is the key strength of China, but now India is going fast and taking care of it.

Indian youngsters

As per the comparison of the data in 2025, most of the Chinese people will be more than 65 + years of age. At the same time, most of the Indian youngsters will be below than 35.

The currency power of India will increase, and at the same time, Chinese currency will decrease.

isro Indian Engineers
ISRO young India workforce Engineers

It’s a good sign, and the financial market of India is proliferating and exponential after 2014. Indian markets had gone up more than 56% of hike within three years.

Indian defense sector & Indian scientist are the world famous with ISRO is breaking the world record.


Young India workforce is improving the quality of sports. More than 1.5Lakh startups had been grown up in last two years successfully.

These all are the sign of confident Young India workforce to give the service to the world.

Hope you will be the part of Young India workforce. I will connect with you in next blog. Take care. Thanks.

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