Char Dham Yatra Destination of India – Best Hindustani Places

Char dham Yatra Destination Places
Char dham Yatra Destination Places

Char Dham Yatra – Destination For All Hindustani (Indian) Tourist

Char Dham, Hindustan’s (India) Best Places for travelling. Char Dham is known by four different destinations with religious values.

Indian toursim and center of attraction for traveling in India is “Char Dham“. It’s divided into four parts of journey. Best Places of Uttarakhand Tourism, Tamil-Nadu Tourism, Gujarat Tourism & Orissa Tourism.

First part of this travelling session will be Tamil-Nadu Tourism. In TamilNadu, ‘Rameswaram’ is the key place. In MAHABHART, GEETA (religious book of Hindus), Lord Krishna said words of purification.

In Purification process, you must have to be clean. Not only in body but also in mind and spritual way. It was the first step where human body starts their way of life. Rameswaram is a beautiful palce with famous temple with ocean bank.

By prayers, Hindus are coming here and making their wishes to their god. Hopefully, most of the time, it’s true.

But the scientific cause of this traveling was to take rest. Give your mind into the peace zone. When you’re in peace then your decisions can be effective. Human can take right decisions and choose correct path to process the life.

As per GEETA, life is a journey and everyone. Try to win this journey or race. But the truth is that at last, everything can be null and void. Bur what will remain, your work history or your name. That’s why, everyone working so hard and try to prove themselves.

But life is not about to prove something. Life is all about to improve their own self.

Let’s travel to next or second Dham of our Char Dham Yatra. It’s “Dwarkadhish Temple” in Gujarat. For Gujarat Tourism, it’s a very famous place or best places to visit in Gujarat.

This place and name is based on Lord Krishna. Krishna Lives here that’s why the name of Krishna known as Dwarkadhish. Yes, After MAHABHART, Krishna came here and create his own world. Here, various place to visit and feel free and proceed in their next life of Human.

Here, love, fame, money, joy, everything can be take care and relies on the system.

Next place to visit is Orissa Yatra. Yes, here famous “Jagannath Temple in Puri” placed. It’s a way of hard work while you work.

Every year here, Lord Krishna statue situated with their wife and brothers. The faith is here that every year. Krishna came and live here for 2 months for spiritual energy.

Last but not the least, Uttarakhand. A place of devas (Lords). As per believe in India, In Uttarakhand, more then 81 Million god lives here.

Uttarakhand Tourism is best place to visit India. But While Char Dham Yatra, Badrinath Temple is place. Where Lord Krishna had gone to complete their life. It’s mean, they left his body at Earth and connected with gods.

That’s why, if you want peace then you can continue these Yatra in your life. But beyond then religious values, these places are good for health, travel, tourism and business with sports.

Must go to travel, get fun, adventure, love, nature and spiritual connectivity. Thanks!

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