Can’t Believe This Is INDIA! A Travel Experience

manali travel
manali travel

The Budgeteers arrive in Manali

Welcome. This is our adventure place to travel. We travel around the world within a thousand dollars in.

Yeah. Ali tell their.  No longer in the desert. We’ve actually made.

Himalayas just outside of Manali, is a bit of a challenge to get all the way up on an elbow private pieces .

We was not cut mountain but in the sense that we’re gonna show you guys the challenges Manali.

And how you can budget. The south an awesome adventure up in the Himalayas.

Is that right. Rowly and. Series three is brought to you by one. And you ask for travelers download it for free.

The Budgeteers arrive in Manali
The Budgeteers arrive in Manali

It’s a. We had an incredible. Stay. In the gorgeous mountains of the arms.

We’re in. Peace and. Forget the world. We Enjoyed.

Magical days when we got to learn some. India’s extreme sports.

Since India has been so cheap at all budget is getting so much further than we expected,

We figured, we could head to Manali and blessed the fact cash that we’d been saving so far on this trip by hopping trains and staying with locals on some.

How. In Typical budget taste fashion when we arrived things didn’t get off. It’s a good stock.

Yeah. The budget In. And we’ve just had the biggest budget.

Love this. So for. Team to singing otherwise it’s we. You know we’d understood that Manali was.

Like. Adventure sports Capital of here yeah yeah. Yeah and our mission.

We’re going to run all the way we can go see anything snowboarding, Lining. Yeah, we’re going to spend all the money that we have been spending.

And make an adventure. So, That was a shy around quickly let. Not behind us. That is a Ten dollars A person ski lift.

Can't Believe This Is INDIA! A Travel Experience
Can’t Believe This Is INDIA! A Travel Experience

That takes you. That we set all it’s okay. We can ATV will go get the A. T. V.’s will go.

What do they want. They want.  A doll is. See people. Not to drive whips in the back.

Yeah one of us is that just to take us up. Climber and a half. Where there might be some though not even sure they’re not sure of anything around here Said then and see Lighting which we saw in Dharamsala.

May you say you don’t go up in the sky forty minutes soul like an eagle so we said alright we’ll we’ll describe paragliding after we you know I have a really ridiculous expensive advice crusty lunch.

This is this-this is the lighting guys it’s a hill it’s a hill reader. To jump off this guy.

For not even a minute. We’re And then. Josh in the band make sure it’s not on the ground were given a.

Leave only footprints and we’re good. The what we always the best says which is when. Faced with an off the. Yeah, that could potentially ruin his day. A lot situation you realize that it’s not really that much by going on.

I find it. You have a drink. You come up with a plan B. and any time the next day is that right.
Come up here to have fun and we can’t do anything.

You can see we have pretty bummed out Came.

This way, But do not worry things are going to get better. We needed a new plan. So we just. He tried.

Cheer ourselves up. Despite ten dollars. And our luck seems to have changed. Instantly. Away by some very friendly turban wearing.

Who were just in the mountains. For the weekend. They kindly drove us back.Drop this in Manali Manali town. We explored and wandered around the streets. Until we stumbled on something new to try out his art teacher sports plan failed miserably.

Thank you cynical man. Observing, Be paid entry fee for this so you gotta serve twice as much.

Mark With the century old Giant.

Absolutely beautiful. The idea. I try and do our own extremes. Here Extremes.

They’re suing their. But Miley and venture capital. Yes.

Who’s gonna watch that I Is this the best absent of the budget is our system. Extreme.

Let’s go to. I call. Even though the time coming all this we seem to be a complete waste.

It was nothing a cold beer and a brownie couldn’t help to reset. When you go backpacking around the world.

Especially in countries like India things are unpredictable and almost inevitably things will go wrong.

Our biggest piece of advice is when you do get frustrated go to sleep reset think about how you can turn a negative into a positive.

You do have Option to run some beautiful five hundred CC royal and fields but. They’re really expensive so we opted for the crappy skaters.

So, But because of snow fall it was closed however we didn’t let that stop us instead we parked the bike and walked out into the mountains in search of snow.

Okay we’ve. Made a high enough. The bill snowballs.

Still gonna hire. I’m still gonna make costs nine nine.

We just found some Indian guys sledging down.

Some of the evidence come face of course.

Searching with the locals was cool but we wanted to go higher and find our own private snow top mountain. We found some pretty hot air yeah. We want to. Climb up to the tree line.

And you know lucky for us we all wore our really good snow shoes.

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