Biggest Sea Monsters Ever

biggest sea monster
biggest sea monster
Facts first presents, The biggest sea monsters ever. Here big names are:
leviathan film
leviathan movie

1. Leviathan:

The law by it then was a very large sea monster that was said to be close to forty feet long. This creature was mentioned several times in schools folklore in the Bible and didn’t even religion.
Many people believe that this creature was the embodiment of evil and others believed that it was just a very large sea creature. Some people, even believe that these creatures had supernatural powers regardless of what people believed when a sailor encountered one of these creatures he was terrified.


The kraken monster is an octopus and has never been see. Therefore, its existence has never been proven however most people believe in its existence. It is known in mythology is a giant squid.
That was capable of sinking ships over the years. This creature has been seen in books such as twenty thousand leagues under the sea.
KRAKEN animal
It was also included in the clash of the Titans and pirates of the carribean two movies the crack and is said to be a cross between a Pacific octopus and the giant squid.

3. The gigantic octopus.

The sea monster was known to be able to sink ships with these. It was known to reach lengths of twenty feet long. The stories of this creature go back to the seventeen hundreds while the existence of this creature was never proven.
People believed that it really did exist.
After finding large pieces of tentacles and carcasses washed up on the beach.
These creatures were said to be up to thirty feet long and they put fear in the hearts of all say.

4. Megalodon.

This is one of the scariest and biggest sea monsters ever. The megalodon is a relative of the great white shark. The only difference is that megalodon makes the sharks look tiny.
Megalodon tooth
Megalodon size
The massive creature could grow up to ninety eight feet long which is five times. The size of a great white shark according to scientists. These creatures eight dolphins whales and giant sea turtles.
The the thing this monster could fit into its mouth was dinner as the temperatures changed and the food supply began to decline this creature could not sustain itself became extinct there are many people who believe that there are still a few of these creatures left living deep under the sea however it has not been proven.

5. The blue

There are two theories about the bloop one theory is that it is a large mysterious sea creature. To find biggest sea monsters, the other theory is that it simply is the sound of the ice shelf breaking in Antarctica.
People who believe that the creature are sure that it’s there and they believe that the national oceanic and atmospheric administration is simply trying to cover up the monster’s existence by blaming it on ice.
The creature is said to be a massive squid that lives on the bottom of the ocean because so much of the ocean and the ocean floor has been unexplored there is a chance this creature really does exist.

6. German Gander

In Norse mythology the shaman Gander is said to be a giant sea monster it is said to be one of the children of looking at it as a large service.
According to the stories this sea monster bites off its own tail to symbolize its immortality and eternity.
While this creature has no supernatural powers it does have poisonous blood this creature is so terrifying.
It’s a good thing that it only exists in stories that these are the biggest sea monsters.

7. Hercules dismay

This creature is famous in Greek mythology according to the stories of the creature’s head is severed it will grow to lower the purpose of this creature was to guard the under world much to Hercules dismay the creature is said to have had police and running through which blood which made the fish in the water inedible it even had a constellation named after.

8. Sigh rien Cronin

This is one of the largest sea monsters in Scotland it is said to be an aquatic dinosaur that’s able to change itself from a minnow to a giant sea monster the creature is so large and so fierce it’s believed to devour seven whales at once number nine justice Flores.
This was a giant creature that was said to live during the Triassic period over two hundred million years ago it looks like a modern dolphin however it was much larger and much meaner it was over sixty five feet long and it was one of the most fearsome predators in the ocean.
Luckily for human story the Triassic period this creature with a suction Peter tech bed mostly on fish.

10. Delta source

This was one of the top predators in the sea during the Jurassic period.
It was first discovered in Germany and it looked like a cross between a reptile and a fish over the years researchers have found parcels all over the world including Argentina Russia and England.
Disappears some creature they grow up to sixteen feet long and it’s unique teeth patterns lead scientist to believe that it was one of the top predators in the sea.
Dallas woman on the name of this creature translates to sea lord in Greek.
This monster could grow up to forty feet long and it had flippers that were close to seven feet long this allow.
The creature to swim in deep water making it dangerous to just about every creature in the water it live.
All the way through the Cretaceous period but became extinct when new and larger predators took over the ocean.
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