Best vacation ideas in India

vacation ideas in India
vacation ideas in India

TravelBrandIndia comes with best vacation ideas in India to travel when you are planning last minute travel anytime.

Lot’s of tourist planning travel plan for India but they are facing difficulty to find any best vaction location to travel in India or no content about travel plan for vaction in India.

Here, TBI (TravelBrandIndia) is giving you the best solution to get and choose you desire plan to excecute to the plan while you travel.

You can enjoy different colors of India during the trip. Through the India tour you will get an opportunity move through different culture and custom.

Have you ever heard of the Golden Triangle Packages ? The Golden triangle includes, Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur.


Shimla-Kullu-Manali is yet another place you must visit during the India trip. The Kashmir is the next place which should be there in your list.

India Tour Packages| Golden triangle packages | VNH India

You can find number of holiday packages and places to visit in India at Vnh India .

India is a beautiful country. Its diversity is indeed breathtaking. This is great because there is so much to see and experience here you will never get bored. Also it won’t be possible to see everything in just one trip, so it would be better to focus on a couple of places.

So up in the north you have Delhi, capital city, lots of historical places and then you have Agra where you can see the” Taj Mahal”. If you do plan a trip then don’t forget Rajasthan. Some of the popular places you can visit here are Jodhpur, Udaipur , Jaisalmer and of course the pink city of Jaipur.

Other places I recommend are, Rishikesh, Shimla & Manali in Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Darjeeling, Shillong, Kerala, Udupi, Gokarna, Pondicherry & Goa.

You can research all these places and figure out what you would like to do the most, your budget, the weather and then plan your trip accordingly.

People are friendly but its always better to be cautious and safe.


You won’t know it unless you do it! Just give it a try & trust me you’ll never regret!! 🙂

Some suggestions:

  • Make sure to plan your itinerary in detail & in advance.
  • India is big so don’t try to cover too much, enjoy at ease every place to you travel to.
  • Your travel time estimates will most of the time be less than actuals, so don’t fret just enjoy.

And at last, don’t worry India is safe!

Do let me know if We can be of any help to plan your trip.

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